Since the story is taking a turn I though I’d post this for those who were interested and have been reading this far.

Shroud ranks:

Private: foot soldiers the most common among the Shroud. Before the cloning of Seekers from Gryphons blood all Shroud members started at Private, but now only Seekers are privates.

Commander: lead over a small to mid size group of soldiers. Private used to be the starting rank for any Shroud soldier, but now Commander is the starting rank since Seekers now occupy the rank of private.

General: lead over and control both privates and commanders

Master: free roaming agents that wield considerable power. They work in small groups with other masters or work alone on the orders of Lord Apex, or the Sovereign only.

Overseer: have control of various areas of the worlds countries. Masters and generals report to them on certain ongoing matters, but masters in essence are their own Overseer ultimately answering only to Lord Apex, or The Sovereign Illusate. But orders can be handed down from Lord Apex to Masters from Overseers.

Lord: there is only one, and that is Apex. Apex controls the entire Shroud Army taking orders only from the Sovereign. All other ranks report to him.

Sovereign: the head of the Shroud organization. Currently this is Dante Illusate. He claims blood ties to the original Illusate who started the Great Persecution in ancient times. To serve him is without question.