Mr. Chains was standing near the motel dumpster, he’d been there for hours finally feeling it was time. His eyes lit up red and demonic while walking away from the dumpster, he decided to use the gift of Tarik’s father to start the chaos as a sinister joke. He inhaled deeply his chest puffing up becoming round. There was two levels of the motel, his prey was on the second floor. Mr. Chains turned his attention on the front office, a big glass window revealed the owner sitting at the front desk watching tv half asleep his back turned to the street feet up on the desk. Mr. Chains opened leaning forward his mouth spewing fire that shot forth busting through the office sending glass everywhere consuming everything inside as it hungrily engulfed the room. Mr. Chains still had more fire to expel before he inhaled so he whipped his head back and forth letting the flames crash into windows on the left and right of him. Finally he took a breath smiling wickedly smoke rising from his lips. There was only a few rooms occupied on the bottom level, a single male ran out of his room shirtless and no shoes on, his room had caught fire . Mr. Chains glanced at him briefly before walking away, chains crisscrossed his body then circled around both massive arms. The chain from his left arm snaked out coming to life shooting at the unsuspecting human. The chain circled around his neck snapping it before coiling back to its master before the body even hit the ground. Mr. Chains took one leap up to the second floor walkway of the hotel then walked his way down to room twenty three. The remaining few tenants ran from their rooms screaming and confused. Mr. Chains stopped in front of the door and knocked, his humor was odd to be sure. He then kicked the door open stepping inside, looking around he noticed the room was empty there was no trace or scent of Tarik or even Deacon Marino in the room, they had fled out the bathroom window when chaos first broke out. “No…” He said. Running to the bathroom door which was closed he kicked the door down rushing in. He caught sight of the window that was above the bath tub, it was small but big enough for a thinner adult and a child to slip through. He heard a vehicle starting outside, he knew it was Tarik and Deacon Marino. He turned rushing out of the bathroom hearing Deacon Marino backing the vehicle up. As Mr. Chains leapt out of the front door he landed on the street below as Deacon Marino pulled away, he saw in the passenger seat Tarik peering back at him. Tarik had turned just to see who it was that was chasing them just out of curiosity. The flames from the motel provided light, the familiar short stocky muscular frame decorated with chains across the torso going down the arms, dingy blond hair and a set of dark blue eyes. “The chain man!” Tarik yelled out. His face went from curious to angry. “Tarik get down!” Deacon Marino yelled but it was too late two chains busted through the back window grabbing Tarik by the neck and body wrapping around him tightly. Deacon Marino slammed on the breaks just as Tarik was yanked forcefully from the passenger seat then jerked out the back window. “At last…” Mr. Chains thought to himself with excitement, his goal was now literally right before him. Tarik was dragged onto the ground the flesh from his knees and legs being ripped away as he was pulled toward Mr. Chains rapidly. He grabbed ahold of the chain links gripping with both hands trying to breath. Deacon Marino ran after Tarik looking on in horror seeing the boy being tossed around violently knowing that the child was inflicting massive damages. The chains fully retracted back to their master, Mr. Chains grabbed Tarik by the neck lifting him just to get a quick glance before snapping his tiny neck in his hand, Deacon Marino was crying out for Mr. Chains to stop it was futile. He brought his mouth close to Tarik’s ear. “Yer gonna join daddy now kiddo” he said. To his surprise Tarik looked up staring directly into his eyes. Drawing back both of his arms Tarik charged up his power the extended both arms at Mr. Chains chest releasing his telekinetic power. The blast hit Mr. Chains he was knocked back several feet rolling a few times before coming to a stop face down. Deacon Marino saw Tarik flench before his body fell to the ground. Tears filled his eyes upon seeing this. He ran up dropping beside Tarik his fears were confirmed, Tarik’s face and body faced opposite directions. “Nooooo!” The Deacon cried out. He reached down turning Tarik’s head in the proper direction before pulling him close hugging him tightly. “Receive him well Heavenly Fa…” Deacon looked down at Tarik tears still flowing from his eyes, he felt the boy twitch. There was a cracking sound that quickly came from Tarik’s neck and in that instant the boy opened his eyes. “What…?” Deacon Marino said softly being dazed by what he just saw. “Little bastard…” Mr. Chains grumbled, he was out of breath, the wind had been knocked out of him but he was far from dead. His tough skin kept his flesh from even being damaged. Deacon Marino glanced back seeing that Mr. Chains slowly stirred. He stood up with Tarik tightly in his arms running back to the car. He tossed Tarik in the front seat jumping into the drivers side slamming the door. Looking up into the rear view mirror he saw Mr. Chains slowly rising, that was all the motivation he needed to slam down on the gas peddle. The tires screeched billowing up smoke from the back of the vehicle before it took off down the lone two lane road. Mr. Chains took a few steps trying to take up pursuit, he hadn’t got his wind fully back he was forced to stop. He kept his eyes on the car until he could no longer see it. Raising his head skyward his extended his arms outward balling up his fists. “Fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!!!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. He yelled out the curse word for as long as he had air to push out. He knew it’d be harder to find Tarik next time if he ever found him at all. The gift that Tarik possessed was a unique one indeed, it only surfaced once every thousand years. Mr. Chains wasn’t in the mood for waiting that long. He had to take up pursuit before the trail went cold, he needed the gift that Tarik possessed.