This had been a very frustrating hunt, it had only been a few times that he’d done this, his first victim was a fourteen year old girl who hadn’t honed her skills by any means. She was easy to kill, she didn’t even know what hit her. It was simply delicious to feast on her soul, far better than feasting on humans, he had only dreamed about that day until finally it happened. He could not alter his fate even if he wanted too, he was born with the gift that all gifted feared. Once he killed an opponent he absorbed their soul, and along with it the gift of the victim. His dark gift also worked on humans as well. Any human he killed he could absorb their knowledge but he found out after killing his first human he didn’t care much for useless knowledge. The first human that he had killed was the janitor at the children’s home that he was put in after the death of his parents. He was just four years old when his parents were killed in a preventable accident. His father had been drinking and lost control of his car while driving in the mountainous roads in Kentucky. The car slipped off falling a forty foot drop and then exploded on impact below. No family wanted to take care of Bo after the accident, his father and mother had made a bad name in their small town even among family members. Bo was taken to the city by child enforcement and placed in a home for children. He was always picked on by the other children, he was called hillbilly, or white trash because he had come from the country up in the hills of Kentucky. At age six he was raped by the janitor while he slept only filling Bo with more hate and darkness. Little did he know that his gift was feeding his hatred fueling his disgust for others. He never went to anyone of authority about the rape, instead he plotted and waited. When he was sixteen he found his chance. The janitor was alone mopping the lunch room floor. He was oblivious to Bo who had snuck up behind him wielding a knife, the janitor was wearing his headphones listening to music. Bo leapt onto the janitors back slicing his throat. The janitor fell to the ground gurgling his last moments. As Bo watched his victim finally die he saw the janitors soul try to flee only to be sucked back like a vacuum absorbed into Bo’s body. At first Bo was confused, he was never aware that he was one of the gifted both of his parents were human. Instantly he heard the fearful cries of his first absorbed soul. The knowledge of a janitors job flooded into his head along with other useless information. Bo fled the children’s home almost going mad because he couldn’t quiet the soul inside him until finally he learned on his own how to hush the voice of his first victim. Years had passed by and he found himself working as a school janitor, it paid the bills. He had moved all the way to Texas, a place he’d always wanted to live. He found that after he killed his first victim there was some guilt, or maybe it was the soul of his first victim making him feel guilty. He came across one of the gifted at a gas station while pumping gas, he realized that he could smell or detect the power that the gifted held, he was far stronger than Bo. His urge was to to kill and devour the gift by the darkness within him, but he would be no match against him. So instead he decided to treat the gifted to lunch. During lunch he discovered much, the gifted asked Bo why was he staying in one place for too long since Bo had been a janitor at the high school he worked at for over three years, this was not the gifted way. He was informed the he should follow Spiritual Law, and was warned about the Shroud. For many days Bo reflected on what he was told, his mind formulated a sinister plan. He would use his dark gift to sniff out the weaker ones, the children. Hell he was a janitor, his skills could get him into elementary schools, then he could seek out the gifts that he wanted. This sounded like a great plan until he realized how much work it was. But then one day he caught the scent of the perfect gift, it was similar to his own in the sense that it could absorb the gifts of others but not much work had to be involved in taking ones gift. With his own gift he had to kill first before absorbing, and he greatly enjoyed killing but it was so much work to stalk and wait. It was Tarik that had this gift, Bo waited patiently knowing that his time was limited, Tarik and his father could be leaving in just months or even weeks. Bo got a job at the school Tarik attended and tried his hardest to befriend the boy, but Tarik was not into talking to strangers or anyone for that matter. Bo ended up following Tarik home and debated whether or not to confront the father, his gift was a concern to him. At this point Bo had only absorbed a few gifts, one was the gift of shadow fazing, where he could blend himself into dark shadows in essence becoming the shadow itself a very useless gift Bo thought until he hid from police officers who gave chase after he killed the boy who possessed the gift. Another gift that Bo absorbed was very useful. He could touch objects and animate them. After killing a little girl for her gift he decided that animated chains would be a useful tool in capturing and killing his victims. His third victim was a boy who had incredible strength and skin that could withstand a certain amount of damage, thankfully his gift had not yet manifested. When the boy first saw Bo standing at the foot of his bed the poor child uttered a name before he was killed, Bo’s appearance must’ve frightened and reminded the child of some nightmare character. He loved the name though and he made it his own. And now after so many months he finally picked up the trail of Tarik again. Tarik’s gift was the one he so greatly desired, he would stop at nothing to acquire it. The only problem was the healer that was escorting him., Bo smiled wickedly, all it would take was a chain ripping out his heart. They had been on the move and Bo almost lost the trail again if not for them stopping to rest at the motel. Bo was desperate, he couldn’t let Tarik get away his gift was far too valuable. Tonight Tarik would give his soul to Mr. Chains. Bo smiled proud of his given name, it fit him well.