Rollins didn’t hesitate, he brought up one fist after another punching in Deacon Marino’s direction, his speed was incredible compared to a humans. All of the gifted were stronger and faster than humans, but in their own circle they had faster and stronger among them. Deacon Marino happened to be just as fast as Rollins, his instincts and experience kept him a few steps ahead. The Deacon had been alive for three hundred years, in all that time it had to account for something. Although he really didn’t have to survive before the Shroud came to power, and even in the early years of the Shroud their numbers were small so confrontations weren’t that often. But Deacon Marino had been trained by Judge Moses in the art of war. Judge Moses had been around for a time far more considerable than the Deacon, that knowledge counted for something as well. Invisible telekinetic fist size bullets shot past Deacon Marino as he fought to avoid being struck, he could tell when to avoid them by the disturbance in the air. He noticed that Rollins was a coward, he didn’t rely on his hand to hand skills, he heavily relied on his gift, that would be his undoing. After a series of bullet strikes Rollins tired slowing down his attacks, sweat beads formed on his forehead, his breathing became labored. With each strike his arms rose slower than the last. Deacon Marino zig zagged toward Rollins making sure not to be an easy target. Rollins took a step back desperate to keep his distance. His arm extended snapping, releasing another telekinetic bullet from his fist. This time it hit the Deacon in the top part of his shoulder sending him flying back over the lawn bushes, rolling to the ground. He came up to his feet but remained low to the ground. His wound already started to heal as he peered over the bush. “Looking for me old man?” Rollins said, he was standing beside Deacon Marino looking down at him both fists pointed at his head. The Deacon knew that he wouldn’t be able to move in time, he was going to die now. At that moment two telekinetic bullets shot through Rollins body, another ripped right through the back of his head causing his face to explode. His body dropped to the ground blood spurting from his face. Deacon Marino saw that Tarik was standing behind Rollins his arms were still extended, his fists clenched tightly together. Deacon Marino stood up seeing the tears rolling down Tarik’s face, there was rage and hate in his eyes. It saddened the Deacon to see a little boy carry so much hate within him. The sound of police sirens could be heard in the distance. Deacon Marino walked toward Tarik hurrying the boy in his direction back toward the church. “It’s time to leave my son, the police are coming, our little scuffle was noticed to be sure by the neighborhood. My concern is that the officers who were sent are employed by the Shroud” Tarik looked up at Deacon Marino. “The police are Shroud too?” He asked confused. “The Shroud controls all authority in the world my son, our human brothers either serve them willingly or unknowingly” He grabbed Tarik by the arm firmly while looking around hurrying to the car. He forced down feeling rushed and upset, he wanted to shower, and feed Tarik now wasn’t the time. While on the way to sanctuary they could stop off at a motel and handle that. Opening the passenger side door he helped Tarik inside the car then shut the door. He ran around quickly entering the vehicle the sound of police sirens were getting closer and louder. He was about to start the car when a police car drifted from the corner into the street speeding toward them. “Get down!” The Deacon protested. He grabbed Tarik’s back pushing him down under the dash then he laid sideways on the seat. Tarik glanced up seeing the red and white light flashing brightly, the sound of the siren loudly disturbed the night silence. The hum of the engine came closer then slowed near them stopping right beside them. The police car engine idled, the sound of the police radio could be heard followed by the police car beam that darted about. The light beam traced the driver side window going right over Deacon Marino then held. The Deacon remained still holding his breath to prevent and slight movement. Another police car pulled up behind the other cruiser then stopped. “Holy shit look up there!” The officer on the passenger side said pointing up the street. The officer who was driving directed the light up the street revealing the Shroud agents vehicle and two body’s, one on the street, the other near the sidewalk in the grass. The officer called it in. He slowly drove up the street, the other police car followed. Deacon Marino sat up slightly looking behind him, he knew they were too close to start the car it would attract their attention. Just then three more police cars with sirens and lights blaring came speeding down the street, he quickly dropped his head and waited for them to pass. He looked back up seeing more police cars racing from the other direction. The officer that called it in exited the car, so did his partner. “We need to block off this whole damn street!” He said. Deacon Marino lowered his head and opened the passenger side door slowly. Tarik was hunched down in front of the seat their faces were close to each other. “We’re quickly becoming outnumbered” The Deacon said telepathically. “Follow me, stay low! We’ll have to go on foot!” Tarik nodded his head in agreement. “These are Shroud agents?” He asked. “No time for questions let’s go!” Deacon Marino slid out of the front seat landing on his stomach, he pushed up onto his feet staying crouched. He helped Tarik out of the car then they slipped up beside the church. Another police car came speeding down the road, the driver spotted Deacon Marino beside the church Tarik hadn’t been spotted, he slammed on the breaks before jumping out of his car. He reached down pulling out his gun pointing it at Deacon Marino. “Put your hands up, and walk slowly towards me!” The officer said while he slowly walked toward the Deacon. Tarik was still unseen, he was crouched low and near the bushes. He saw the officer approach, the others had been alerted and began to make their way over from down the street. “It’s ok my son” Deacon Marino said calmly while walking toward the officer, his hands up in the air as instructed. “I am the Deacon of this church, I was merely coming out to see what all the noise was about” the officer kept his gun drawn looking the Deacon up and down noticing that the clothes he wore were in conjunction of Deacon Marino’s story, he lowered his gun. “Stay down!” Deacon Marino said telepathically to Tarik, he continued to walk toward the officer. “What’s going on out here my son?” He asked the officer. The officer waved off the other officers then touched the comm on his shoulder. “Ten, twelve.. , it’s just the Deacon of the church; he came out to investigate what going on” The officers stopped and turned back around walking back to the crime scene after being alerted that it was a false alarm. The officer placed his gun back in the holster. “Did you hear or see anything Deacon?” The officer asked. Deacon Marino kept his gaze on the crime scene that was slowly starting to be taped off. “No, well at least not until I heard the police sirens. What happened?” He deliberately pointed in the direction of all the action. The officer turned looking at the crime scene as well. “Run to the back of the church, the back door is always unlocked! Go!” Deacon Marino said to Tarik telepathically. Tarik got up scurrying into the concealment of darkness running behind the church. Deacon Marino took a deep breath, they dodged a bullet, several possible bullets in fact.