Deacon stood there his hands at his side, he didn’t look threatening in the slightest. Private Rollins and Private Bale exited the vehicle, Rollins caught sight of Private Lee who lay crumpled up lifeless in the fetal position on the ground. Both soldiers weren’t as new nor as foolish as Lee was, Rollins looked at Deacon Marino suspiciously, Bale ran over to Lee’s body. He kneeled down and rolled Lee over onto his back seeing a four inch hole in his stomach. His eyes lit up with surprise. “Hey Rollins, this ain’t right man!” He declared. Rollins quickly looked at Bale before looking back at the Deacon. “What is it?” He asked sharply. Bale stood up facing the others he looked confused. “He has your telekinetic bullet fist shot…” Rollins squinted, he was by far sharper than Bale, he had fourteen confirmed kills and a few of those were against gifts that were stronger than his own. He knew soon he’d have a promotion in a few years at the rate he was going he’d be a commander. “Are you a telekinetic?” He asked the Deacon. “Uh… No” Deacon Marino said evenly. “You aren’t human I can feel that much from you.” He kept his gaze on the Deacon, Bale walked over standing on the other side of Deacon Marino waiting patiently for Rollins cue. “So are you a telekinetic?” The Deacon asked. Rollins laughed. “You got balls old man” he said, he was amused with the Deacons calm nature, he didn’t seem concerned that two Shroud soldiers were about to kill him. Rollins didn’t mind answering the Deacons question, after all the Deacon would be dead soon. “Yea…” Rollins said sarcastically. “I can project telekinetic blasts through my fist and direct that power where I want it to go. I ain’t like a Judge really, they got a higher level of telekinetic power. But I do pretty damn good on my own!” Deacon Marino nodded his head as if to agree with private Rollins, he turned directing his attention to private Bale. “And you, what is your gift my son?” Bale looked at the Deacon disgusted. “I’m not your son old man!” He said angrily. At that moment a hole ruptured in the center of Deacon Marino’s chest, his eyes went wide as he gasped for air. Blood trickled from his mouth. Bale started laughing. “Damn Rollins you didn’t even give him a chance!” Rollins smiled coldly as he watched Deacon Marino stagger towards private Bale. “I got tired of talking” He said. “That’s number fifteen for you!” Bale said excitedly. Deacon Marino fought to stay up, he stayed focused on Bale. He knew that soon he was about to collapse, he had to act now. He sprung forward at Bale with the remaining ounce of strength reaching out he fell to the ground his finger touched Bale’s boot. “I have something for you, a gift from your friend Rollins” Deacon Marino said weakly. He had accomplished his goal, he needed to touch Bale in order to transfer the damage he had inflicted. Deacon Marino was a healer, a healer could absorb the damage given to them. Smaller wounds would heal almost instantly, larger ones such as the one Deacon Marino just got from Rollins would take longer to heal, if a direct shot to the heart is taken, and the healer did not shift the injury to another person within hours they will die. Any sickness or injury that a healer takes from someone else they could in turn give that sickness, disease, or injury to someone else. Healers are pretty much immortal due to their body always continual healing itself. The only way a healer could die was if someone killed them. Deacon Marino was gambling and almost died himself. He misjudged how many steps away from private Bale he was. As the Deacon lay on the ground the wound finally healed, Bale stepped back eyes agape in awe shocked at seeing the Deacon improve. “What the fuck man!” Bale cried out stepping away from Deacon Marino as he slowly stood up. “What are you?” Bale asked uncontrolled. Rollins stood there silently observing. Bale began rubbing his chest with his hand, it started to feel irritated, then without warning a hole in the center of his chest exploded he fell forward to the floor, the final stage of the injury completed killing private Bale instantly. Deacon Marino turned to private Rollins who forced himself to stay calm. “You’re a healer aren’t you?” Rollins asked. “Yes…” Deacon Marino softly replied. Rollins had never met a healer but he had heard of some who were higher ranked soldiers in the Shroud order. He’d heard that almost nothing could kill them, they seemed invincible. But he’d also heard how to kill them. If he could kill this healer surely his rank would be promoted from just this one kill. It was too tempting to leave, his ambition made him stay to see it out to the end. It would either be his end, or the Deacons.