He leaped fifteen feet into the air gliding effortlessly across a house, then slipping over another house hanging in the night sky floating with forward momentum before landing quietly in the yard of the house he had just cleared. He stopped a moment taking it all in. He was exited feeling accomplished. For so many years he had heard his parents speak about the Shroud in fear, he even learned to fear them until his parents were killed by a Shroud agent back when he was twelve, he was offered a life of luxury with foster parents, or death. For awhile he hated the Shroud until over time the lies he was fed finally sank in. He was told that his parents were criminals, that they were terrorists planning to rise up against the Shroud. He was told that the Shroud only meant to help the gifted for they were all brothers blessed by evolution with power making them superior to their weaker human cousins. In time Lee could see how this was the truth, he grew up the rest of his childhood in wealthy privilege, yet when he was with his parents they were poor and stayed hidden, and always hungry. Why hide if you weren’t a terrorist? He was told that if he so wished that he could join the Shrouds military ranks once he turned twenty one. Three months ago was his twenty first birthday, so he willingly joined in hopes of rising up in the ranks, maybe even serve directly under Lord Apex himself one day! He knew that he was fresh blood, that’s why he had to prove himself early. They’d come across by the Latham street bridge one of the gifted fold. Private Rollins struck first hitting the gifted in the stomach with one of his telekinetic fist bullets. But the gifted was crafty and disappeared into mid air before anyone could finish him. According to Rollins the target wouldn’t get far from the wound that he had inflicted so Rollins, and Private Bale decided that driving around the neighborhood would be an easier route in finding the wounded terrorist, they didn’t feel like walking. Lee thought otherwise, he wanted to go out alone on foot; after all he had the nimble ability and agility to do so. Of course he told the others that he wanted to help by searching street by street and would radio back once he found their prey. But in reality he wanted to find the target and finish the job himself. He would get the kill credit. Kill credits was how a soldier moved up in ranks at this early stage. It would only be his first but it was a start. Lee smiled at his plan, it would work. Leaping into the air his eyes flickered in the dark, they were accustomed to seeing with very little light. While in mid air he saw a man sitting at a bench near a church, he knew that without a doubt the man had seen him. He cursed under his breath that he was so careless, but no one was really out and about this late at night. Well it was the humans fault for being out so late, Lee knew that the human had to die, none of them could see the Shroud for what they were and live unless they worked for them. Lee changed direction in mid jump toward the man landing just a few feet from him. He was not aware that who he just landed in front of was Deacon Marino, the Deacon noticed by Lee’s black camo’s and black military boots that Lee was a Shroud solider. Lee was surprised that Deacon Marino didn’t flinch upon his landing, but he didn’t know that the Deacon had already detected and saw him coming. “Bad night to be out” Lee said gravely while putting his hand on top of his Shroud issue gun while it rested in the holster. Deacon Marino lowered his head full aware that Lee was about to shoot him, he remained calm setting things up. “I’m sorry my son, I can’t hear you” the Deacon said softly. Lee smirked, this was all too easy. He stepped forward. “Look here preacher man!” Lee noticed the clothes Deacon Marino had on hence the remark. The Deacon looked up calmly. “It’s Deacon, Deacon Marino my son. And I have something for you!” Reaching out quickly he placed his hand on Lees hand that was resting on the gun. Instantly Lee jerked pulling his arm away from the Deacon. Lee’s face grimaced in pain, gasping he reached down touching his mid section hugging himself with both arms, he suddenly realized that he had a hole in his stomach. “What did you do to me?” He struggled to say while staggering about. “You’ve inherited the wound one of your brethren gave to one of my brothers. The only problem is that you now have the advanced stages of that wound, save your breath my son to pray; you have only seconds left to live” Deacon Marino replied. Lee dropped to his knees, his heartbeat slowed, his vision went blurry. Falling onto his side he let out his last breath of air quickly touching something on his watch before closing his eyes. His first day on the job was his last. A car screeched around the corner driving at high speeds, the other two agents were alerted by Lee’s panic button that he’d pushed on his two way radio wrist watch. It was the last act of his life. Deacon Marino stood up slowly, the hood lights came upon him while the car approached. “One down, two to go” He said to himself.