We walked along Harmon remaining silent for a bit. Walking past the gas station at the corner of Harmon and Greenlawn I got this flash of when this area was so busy, cars were always at this intersection because Greelawn was attached to the freeway. In the distance I saw a familiar place. “I got arrested right down there” I said pointing. Chuck glanced over briefly looking. “Where?” We both stopped while I took a moment to help him see where I was pointing. I kept my arm up pushing my finger a few times for emphasis. “On the right hand side past the trailer houses, the off ramp for 71 north, are you familiar?” I asked. Chuck peered down the road before speaking. “Yea but I never liked this area, it’s the ghetto, well it was” I raised my shoulders in protest, what the fuck was that about? I didn’t like how he said it. “Your point?” I asked tilting my head. Chuck looked right at me as if realizing that I was wearing my jail house jumpsuit because I was actually in jail. “Wait? So you were arrested?” He asked. “Yep…” I replied with a nod. There was a look of disbelief on his face. “What’d you get arrested for?” I started walking again, I didn’t like how he looked at me. It was that stare that white people gave me sometimes to let me know I wasn’t quite as good as they were. But instead of arguing I just walked and let it go. Chuck took a few hurried steps catching up, he obviously wasn’t going to let this go. “Loitering” I said, but I didn’t look at him I just kept on walking. “That’s it? You were picked up for that?” I thought that was the end but when I looked over at him I saw his eyes flittering about, his mind was churning. “So what were you doing?” He asked. I rolled my eyes. “Can we just fucking drop it?” I belted out. At first I didn’t think he would but he seemed to relax again after a few moments. We walked no more than two minutes or so before he spoke again. “It’s so oddly quiet out here, you can actually hear the wind blowing” I reached up rubbing the sweat from my face with my arm, it was so hot and muggy, I should’ve brought that bottled water that I’d left at the station. “I wonder why it’s not like the movies…” He followed catching my attention. “What do you mean?” I said. Chuck looked around then laughed. “Zombie movies and television shows, they got it wrong. People always look like they just had a bath or hot shower, where the flock did they get the water? I could sure use a bath to be sure, I stink and I for blam sure know you stink!” Now that’s funny, I’ve been thinking that shit for weeks. “Look at your funky beard growing and mine too, we both have fucked up hair too. Who the fuck has time to shave and keep their hair combed while you’re trying to just survive?” Chuck found amusement with that and found himself laughing. “You got that right” he said under his breath. “And how are so many people driving fucking cars everywhere in a zombie apocalypse? We’re having problems just trying fix your truck and we haven’t even come across another vehicle that we could use yet” I said. Chuck was walking on the street, I was on the side of the road walking in the grass. He pointed down to the grass. “Notice how high the grass is getting, you ever notice in zombie movies the grass is always cut? I mean, who the flock is cutting the grass?” We both started laughing that time, it was nice to feel lightheaded for a moment. “What do you miss?” Chuck asked. It was almost to soft to hear, there was torture in his tone. We both had stopped laughing. I looked up at the sky my face solemn. “The mundane I suppose” I said finally. “How so?” He asked. Lowering my head I reached up scratching the back of my sweaty neck. “Just the regular daily happenings of living, things you don’t really pay attention to but realize you took it all for granted” I fought down that pain that came up from time to time reminding me I wasn’t living my life anymore. “I miss enjoying life” Chuck forced out. “I remember my dad would always say enjoy the day, there’s no promises that tomorrow will be as good, and it could get a hell of a lot worse!” I digested what he said, it had a deeper meaning now. “Yea, life is shit now. Nothing like it used to be” We both got a little down after that, and maybe it was silently decided we’d both shut the fuck up for a bit. The harsh reality of our lives seemed to be walking quickly up behind us, then kicked us in the ass when it caught up.