It was hot and muggy, not good weather if you wanted to have that fresh smell, summer was in full swing in Ohio. We’re still at the gas station, but me and Chuck have ventured out in search of food. Canned vegetables and junk food as well as sugar is what we’ve mostly discovered. What I wouldn’t give for a real dinner, haven’t had one in a long time. We also got lotion and soap and bottled water. I knew of a grocery store that was right down Harmon. Harmon went past Greenlawn where the other gas station was, then snaked around turning into Mound Street. Further down on the left hand side was the grocery store almost at the corner of Mound and Central, it sat next to the check cashing building. If the truck was up and running we’d be able to bring back a bunch in one setting, but since we didn’t have the truck it took several days to fill up the station with supplies, I’ll be glad when Chuck gets that damn truck up and running; but it did take a beating. We had a bunch of water but we didn’t want to use it to clean up with because water might be hard to find since you couldn’t just get it from tap. You never realized how many things ran off of electricity until the damn grid went down. We would use liquid soap, or hand sanitizer to keep the stink away. Brushing teeth was a no brainer, just didn’t have water to rinse. Then you’d get this grit feeling in your mouth most of the day from the toothpaste. Over the past few months though we started learning how the infected worked. They did show signs of intelligence, they weren’t stupid, not like zombies you’d see in film. You couldn’t just fake them out or toss a rock past them and then poof, they’d all go walking the direction they heard a sound. I mean that trick worked once, and once only. After that when we’d toss shit to make noise the infected would look in the direction that we tossed the rock from and investigate instead of going in the direction of the sound. We also learned something else. We thought that they didn’t eat but they do, we caught a few of them eating apples from a tree which means they do need to sustain their bodies. The daytime was safe to walk outside, but the buildings were dangerous to go into because that’s where the infected went to hide from the sunshine. The grocery store we went to had none of the infected hiding inside because of the windows everywhere that allowed sunshine to get inside. I got rushed by a lone infected inside the grocery store one day as we were picking up more supplies. Chuck stepped in front of me as the infected reached out to grab me, he did this weird but cool maneuver with his hands and arms not even drawing his swords he just redirected the infected’s arms causing it to trip over itself and fall. Once it stood back up it reached out again, Chuck pulled out one of his butterfly swords cutting off both of its arms. After that I asked him how did did what he did. Chuck said it was called Chi Sao, in English it meant sticky hands. Chuck made a good point about the infected, they always reached out to grab hold of you; that was the one predictable constant about them when they attacked. Cutting off their arms or redirecting when at all possible was key. So Chuck started teaching me Chi Sao on a daily basis . I’d gotten pretty decent since April with it. Still needed work but the end result was I was good enough at redirecting one of the infected when they rushed me, I know this because a few times I had to use it. Chuck also taught me how to use my machete more efficiently. Now I knew how to flow with my machete instead of fighting against it when I chopped or cut. In all meaning I was starting to become an effective killing machine. I had this obsession of improving my skills and I continually did, in all of my massive free time at night I was always practicing. We started to get into a rhythm of surviving, unlike when all of this shit first started I was just running and hiding. Sure we still had to hide, but surviving was being done on a much better level. Still no sign of anyone else, although I know they’re out there maybe because we still keep hearing the infected calling out in the night. They only scream when they see a human. Sure the screams keep getting more distant, but we still keep hearing them. We never talk about it but I know Chuck is thinking like I do. We hope there’s others out there that got lucky, and they’re surviving like we are. Wherever they are out there, hang on.

(Feel free to track where Eric and Chuck have been and are going via GPS map, Area Columbus Ohio, United States. I am using a real city here folks. All you have to do is follow the story and check street names I mention. Or just check the maps provided) br />