The guard opened the door finally quickly walking out and up to me my back turned to him. Pulling out his gun he spoke excitedly. “I have six bullets how many do you have?” I glanced back at him with a serious look. “A few left, not many. And only one in my pocket” he looked a bit peculiar awkwardly smiling. “Pocket? Inmates jumpsuits don’t have pockets” he turned pointing in the dark I strained to see where before bringing up the flashlight. “Through that door and down the hall, we make a right then a quick left, that’s where the armory is” I put the flashlight in my mouth enabling me to hold onto the shotgun. “Leth go…” I said with my mouth full. He was right about the jumpsuit not having pockets, but the dumb ass never asked me if I cut two slits on both sides and super glued money bags that I’d gotten from the gas station to the insides of my suit. So there dumb ass, I’ve got pockets. After I had my private argument I followed the guard to the door, he opened it while I kept my shotgun at the ready. We went down a hall I noticed this area was offices, no doubt for various tasks that needed done to keep the workhouse running and such. The hall was clean, no bodies on the ground or blood on the walls from what I could see. It was very dark save for the beam of light provided by the flashlight, my eyes had adjusted, I couldn’t make out everything but I could still tell this place was pretty clean. While walking behind the guard I noticed that he wasn’t so clean though, man did he stink. He smelled like he’d been doing the number two quite often but cared little to wipe after. Maybe he couldn’t, I felt a tad guilty thinking on how stinky he was but just being honest. Before I knew it we were at the Armory. He ducked inside the door his voice traveling out to me. “Ok over here!” He said, walking inside I noticed the guard stood there proudly, behind him was a cage, inside the cage to my surprise were guns. I thought for sure they’d all be gone, but maybe in everyone’s haste there was no time to come back here and grab them, people were thinking about getting home to their families. The guard disappeared out of the flashlight beam for a moment then returned with an even bigger gym bag, it had Franklin County Corrections on the side of it and the Ohio government seal. He went inside the cage and started pulling guns off the rack. “Come in behind me and take the ammo and use your bag for that, I’ll tell you what ammo to get” I hurried in behind him making sure the flashlight beam stayed where he could easily see the weapons as he pulled them off the racks. I didn’t know what hand guns he pulled off but I was was glad we now would have more weapons. And I noticed the two hand guns he grabbed looked better than the one I had, that was a plus. He ran out of the cage then came back in with another bag. He ran over to another section. “Keep the light on me!” He asked. I brought the beam on him seeing he was putting some type of explosives into the bag. “Are those grenades?” I asked. “Of sorts” he responded, he didn’t look back he kept working, moving quickly. “They’re flash bang grenades. I’ve noticed how sensitive those bastards are to light, these will come in handy!” after filling the second gym bag he came over and helped me stuff ammo into my bag. When we were done he grabbed what looked to be a shotgun then walked out of the armory cage, we slowly made our way to the front entrance, the bags were heavy as hell, I didn’t think guns and ammo weighed so damn much. We didn’t make conversation, I think both of us just wanted to get the hell out of here. I put my back to the front door pushing it open, the guard walked past, he saw the truck and started making his way to the passenger side door. I walked out then reached into my pocket pulling out the door mechanism to unlock the door when I turned seeing one of the infected standing off to my right. He hadn’t noticed me, he was looking straight at the guard. The infected’s eyes instantly filled with rage body shaking violently no longer able to contain the anger within. He did a half squat bearing down screaming loudly. His arms went stiff out to his sides fists bouncing about while he screamed, the guard turned taken off guard. Dropping my bag I realized I couldn’t shoot the infected, he was already running past me leaping at the corrections officer still screaming. I heard his gun go off and saw the infected flinch from bullet impact but it wasn’t enough to slow him down. He landed on the officer locking him in a death grip, then sunk his teeth deep into the officers neck then ripped away, blood spurted about wildly. The officer fell against the truck gurgling fighting to get the infected off of him. I ran up behind them and grabbed my spray bottle of diesel fuel and started squirting it on the back of the infected’s head. He instantly disengaged from the officer waving his arms about wildly as I continued to spray directly at his face. He raked at his face head tilted upward while backing away, all the while screaming out in pain. That’s when I pulled my shotgun up and blew his fucking head off. The infected dropped like a box of rocks. Turning I watched the officer slide down the side of the truck, his eyes wide in disbelief, mouth gaped open gasping like a fish out of water. It only took a few seconds for him to die. I looked up hearing the screams, the hoard had heard the call of their brethren. They began to flow towards me quickly filling part of the parking lot. Opening the passenger side door I tossed in the gym bags then stepped over the officers body, I heard a growl behind me causing me to instinctively quickly shut the door behind. At the moment of closing the door I felt the impacted thud of something hitting the passengers side door. Locking the door I didn’t look to see, I jumped into the drivers seat thankful I kept the truck idle. I could see from my peripheral view that one of the infected was hammering on the window. The tires peeled causing a small billow of smoke in the rear of the truck as I pulled off. All I saw was a mass of infected in front of me, I pushed down on the gas peddle flooring it. The truck started taking the impact of the hoard as they were struck, none of them tried to avoid me. For a moment the truck slowed, stuck by the sheer number of bodies that were struck underneath no doubt, the hoard began to fill in around me, in a panic I twisted the steering wheel back and forth in an attempt to get better traction, some jumped into the bed of the truck as the truck picked up momentum, then jumped out just as fast as they’d jumped in. Before I left the station I poured diesel fuel all along the bed of the truck in case such a thing would happen, my paranoia paid off. I saw an opening and kept my foot to the floor afraid that at any moment the trucks engine would fail. The check engine light came on just as I was able to get back out to the main road and out of the parking lot of the corrections facility. When I drove to the workhouse the roads were clear, the night silent, but now thanks to the dinner bell call of the infected they were all trying to get me out of the truck. I never truly knew that they ran so damn fast until I saw them coming from the sides of the road in haste, some using their bodies as weapons smashing against the truck causing it to swerve. Finally I got up to full speed leaving them behind me or so I thought. More greeted me as I made my way back to Harmon slamming against my truck with the occasional ones jumping into the back realizing it really wasn’t a place for one of the infected so they’d hop out. Watching how fast and strong they were I could see that no human had a chance against them, not in these numbers either. The check engine light flickered and the engine started to sputter, it was going into a stall. I pulled onto Harmon surrounded by then the truck was failing. I slammed down on the gas call it my Hail Mary. The truck heaved coughing, then shot off down the road, I could see the gas station now, not even half a mile down the road but still too far away to run, I wouldn’t make it, not as fast as the infected ran. The check engine light stopped flickering and stayed red, that’s when the engine sputtered a few times before finally shutting off. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw them gaining, the massive hoard. Keeping my hands firmly on the wheel all I could do was let the truck coast while watching the infected gain on me. I took a deep breath as the truck started to slow, then reached in the bag grabbing what the officer called an AR15. He’d already loaded it. This was it, they were right behind me as the truck almost came to a stop. I was almost in running distance where it would be safe, because they hated the fumes from the station, but I wouldn’t make it without a fight, a fight that I was going to lose. Opening the driver side door the hoard impacted the back of the truck with such force it violently catapulted the truck forward, I even almost fell out and I hand to fight to hold on by gripping the seat belt, my foot dragging on the ground. I looked behind the truck seeing the hoard slow their steps coming to a stop, the truck silently coasted into the gas station. The truck coasted gently coming to a stop right between the gas pumps. I let go dropping to the ground exhausted. Looking over I saw Chuck standing there at the door of the station, I saw in his right hand the letter I’d left. He stood there nodding his head, a crooked smile on his face. I just stared at him trying to catch my breath, breathing heavily. “Dumb ass…” He said smirking.