I drove drown Harmon kind of feeling as if I wasn’t afraid, strange really. Passing the burning warehouse I saw bodies on the ground burned and smoking, apparently some of the infected escaped the warehouse but were already on fire, they didn’t get very far from the building before collapsing. I turned onto 104 making my way over to the jailhouse, I didn’t see any of the infected during my drive that was even stranger, where had they all gone? Well it didn’t matter to me, hopefully this would make an already suicidal mission into just a dangerous one. My drive to the corrections facility was pretty easy, there weren’t too many vehicles on the road only a few abandoned, mostly on the side of the road so it was pretty clear. Clear you say? Yea I know right? Every damn zombie movie I ever saw had cars packed all over the fucking roads, but then again this is a real life situation. The blue haze of the half moon reflected onto the road, driving past the water treatment plant I saw the corrections facility off to my left, the security fence a shadow reminding me this place was a death trap. My heartbeat quickened, but for now I wasn’t afraid I was determined. Pulling into the empty parking lot I drove up to the front door where the visitors came in and out of. I checked the gas tank, it was just past half so I decided to let the truck stay idle. That way if I needed a quick get away the truck was already on and running. The infected seemed to show problem solving skills which denoted some form of intelligence, but I was willing to take the risk that they didn’t know how to drive. Taking the lock unlock mechanism off of the key I jumped out of the truck locking it, I wasn’t taking the chance that I was wrong and come back to find the truck gone. I had the gym bag around my neck, shotgun in my hand, and the squirt bottle around my neck. My bare feet made a slapping sound on the pavement, I attempted to quiet them by the manner I walked. Upon opening the front door I smelled the foul odor of death and rotting flesh. Fighting down my gag reflex I stepped inside bringing up the flashlight. Bodies were littered along the floor, the buzzing sounds of flies moving about in the darkness could be heard. I moved the flashlight about checking for motion, once I was pretty sure that it was safe to go in I decided the best route would be to walk along side the wall. I knew there would be weapons in here or at least hoped so but where would I look first? I was still weary of going further the door closed behind me bumping me in the ass. This place was beyond eerie, to know how full of activity it was before the infection to how silent and dark it was now just played tricks with my mind. Stepping over corpses I couldn’t help to think that it would’ve easily been me down there if not for the kindness of a stranger, a guard who shoved me into one of the cells tossing me the key and his gun before running off to help others. Fighting off an elongated trip down memory road I focused realizing that upstairs was out of the question, no way in hell was I going back up there. So I elected to go to the back where prisoners were brought in before being released into population, maybe there would be weapons back there. Walking through the turn style I noticed that fortunately the gate was unlocked at the security guard booth. I stopped briefly looking in through the bulletproof glass window, inside was four chairs and a bunch of buttons and small tv monitors where guards could watch the parking lot, the hallways, and the guest area no doubt. I moved the flashlight beam about the room, didn’t see any guns. I saw motion so I backed the light seeing one of the chairs twitch slightly. My eyes went wide instantly becoming tense, I saw just the hint of someone’s shoe pulling quickly under the control board. “Come out or I come in shooting!” I yelled out. I walked my way over to the door keeping my eyes on the control board, but my vision was blocked by the angle, I couldn’t see under it. Grabbing the handle I realized the door was locked. “Who’s in there!” I yelled out, there was no answer. I knew someone had to be in there and they weren’t one of the infected. Putting the light beam down on the ground I saw empty potato chip bags and pop cans. There was definitely someone hiding in there, I saw how difficult it was for the infected to try and get into my cell when I was here, they were problem solvers but not smart enough to unlock, or lock a door or to even learn how to figure it out, I saw how frustrated they were when they tried to get into my cell. They were just too damn impatient. After a few moments I decided to move on, even though someone was hiding in there they obviously didn’t want to be found or discovered, maybe they were just too traumatized, or worse they’d been bitten. I turned walking away. “Hey wait!” Someone whispered behind me, the voice came from the security room, as I said I knew someone was hiding in there. I heard scuffling while walking back to the room. A man stood up, he was wearing a Franklin County corrections officer uniform, I saw that he also had a gun in the holster. He looked as if malnutrition was taking its toll on him. His eyes were tired with black circles underneath. His hair was a blond mess, there was facial hair growing wildly; but I couldn’t complain I hadn’t shaved since all of this broke out either, and I’m sure my curly fro was quite apparent as well. At least he had shoes still, while I did not. He looked me over noticing that I was wearing the clothes that I had been since leaving this place, I was a prisoner of these walls until all hell broke loose, my clothing I’m sure alarmed him. He might’ve calmed after seeing I wasn’t wearing the jumpsuit of a felon. Walking up to the window he didn’t open the door, he looked at me suspiciously. “How long have you been in here?” He asked. “I left here days ago” I replied trying to keep it short. “You came from outside? But how?” He asked. “I’ve fought every mile” I said. “I found a safe haven where the infected can’t go” the officers eyes showed that he was thinking deeply before speaking, then they lit up. “Are there others where you are?” He asked. “Yes” I told him, I wasn’t about to get into a long conversation about how many, not here. “How many?” He asked. I waved him off, then started to walk away. I wasn’t putting my life at risk just talking, he hadn’t even offered to open the damn door. “Do you need weapons?” He said sounding desperate. “I know where the armory is!” I turned around looking at him impatiently, but what he said definitely got my attention. “All I ask is that you take me with you!” He finished. Bringing the shotgun up I spoke. “Then let’s go!” He knew where the weapons were, that’s what I came here to get. There was no sign of the infected, and soon I’d have more guns, plus another survivor to help out. Things were starting to look up.