I scrambled to my feet in such a clumsy manner, looking at Chucks face I saw that he amazingly still had the flashlight in his mouth the beam pointing into the dark hallway. Picking up the shotgun a feeling of foolishness came over me, I fucked up. If I would’ve had the shot gun in front of me like Chuck said, I would’ve shot that damn infected and blew his head clean off. Because of this my fear faded replaced with a need to redeem, I stepped in front of Chuck bringing my gun up peering into the darkness, a cool gentle gust of wind caressed my face that came down the hallway. “Get the gas tank” I said almost ordering. He didn’t hesitate, he knew how important this was to get those guns. He slid his swords back into the sheath while running he scooped up the gas tank circling back around behind me. I started my way into the hallway as soon as I felt Chuck behind me. The light from the office made it’s way into the hall via a thin ray that danced along the top left side wall of the hall. It gave off a faint light that made it possible to see at least some of the hallway. When I looked down the hall the sun ray made the top left side of the opposite door visible, this made it possible to know how much distance before we got there. Chuck continued pouring as we slowly made our way down the hall towards the door making sure to stay on the left side of the hall where the sunlight was. There was a drinking fountain midway, and two doors where the male and female single restrooms were located, I noticed both doors were open. Hearing heavy breathing coming from one or the other of the two restrooms I raised my arm to silently let Chuck know to hold a moment. “What?” He whispered still having the flashlight in his mouth. I pointed to the restrooms, there was movement in there for sure coming from the women’s side I suddenly noticed. It was subtle but I could still see it none the less. Chuck pointed his flashlight into the restroom causing a curdling scream to fill the hall. One of the infected bolted out of the women’s restroom his hands covering his face my shotgun went off sending his body flying back into the wall. His body slid down the wall hunched over with a sigh as the life left him. Chuck grabbed the gas tank and began pouring more quickly, that was my cue to get moving. I moved up to the door, I could see it a little better now, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness. Chuck set the gas tank down then walked up behind me grabbing the flashlight from his mouth. “I’m out of fuel, but this should be enough” he said softly. He pulled the gun out of the holster, the back door had glass in the center of it making it possible to look inside the warehouse. Chuck slipped up beside me with the flashlight roving the thin beam of light around the room. “Is that the skid?” He asked, I focused my sight on where the beam flashed. The top of the crate had been forcefully opened and the lid rested on the floor beside it. “Yea that’s the one” I replied. He went back to scanning the warehouse, it was pretty dark there wasn’t any windows. There was a faint light that came from the bay doors but not nearly enough to see properly. From what we could make out there were aisles behind the skids that sat near the one we had our sites on. The aisles blocked our view and even if there was light in the warehouse the aisles were packed with crates that stood fifteen feet high or so blocking our vision for whatever could be behind it. “If there’s more in there, that’s were those truckers will be…” Chuck said, but we both knew there were more in there, it was dark in most places a perfect place for the infected to hide from the dreaded sunlight. We both strained looking at the open crate preparing ourselves. I pressed against the door pushing it open, we weren’t going to get anything done just staring. Chuck walked in behind me his gun at the ready. We hustled over to the crate tossing the gym bag down I looked inside to my relief the guns were still there. Chuck walked up looking over my shoulder as I pulled one of the guns up. His face showed one of shock. “Dude…” He said, looking inside the crate inspecting more of the guns frantically. “These are paintball guns!” I looked back at him. “What? Are you sure?” I asked. “I’m damn sure!” He was livid. We didn’t have time to argue, in the darkness we heard the sound of many feet coming our way. We both looked up, I could hear them growling, I shot into the darkness back peddling. “Let’s go!” Chuck yelled out. He ran to the door holding it open, I ran past him hearing his gun go off several times. Digging into my pocket I pulled out two more shotgun shells loading them into the gun, my fingers were fidgety, and it was difficult to put the bullets in quickly. I slowed turning around to make sure Charlie was behind me. He was still holding the door open shooting into the darkness. By now I could hear the familiar cry for blood from the darkness filling the hallway. “Let’s go!” I yelled to Chuck. He turned running down the hall just as I’d finished putting the bullets in the shotgun. And just in time too. The door opened several of the infected bolted down the hall in pursuit of Chuck. As he approached I stepped past him letting off the first shot. It sprayed hitting a few of them causing them to drop to the floor dead or dying. But they kept coming, more of them filling the hallway. I ran backwards letting off another shot hitting a few of them. I didn’t have time to reload so I grabbed the spray bottle around my neck and started squirting like a mad man. The thin line of fuel wasn’t even visible in the half light but the infected could sense where it was by the smell , they would dodge off to the side but kept coming at me. I turned and ran seeing Chuck holding the other door open with his foot, gun pointed in my direction. “Don’t look back keep running!” He yelled out firing off shot after shot past me. I could feel them gaining, dammit not again. I rushed past Chuck he instantly followed scooping up the gas tank and tossing it on the desk. The door busted open with the infected flowing out of the hall, and into the office. What the hell the diesel fuel wasn’t slowing them down! Chuck turned shooting at the gas tank while I jumped out of the window making sure I was fully in the sun. That’s when I reached down in my pocket trying to pull out more bullets. Turning around I saw Chuck take one more shot before seeing the desk ignite blowing up into flames knocking Chuck out of the window. He fell to the ground unconscious. In an instant the front office was in flames. Running over I grabbed Chuck by the shoulders dragging him away from the heat, damn he was heavier than he looked. Who knew such a skinny guy could be so heavy? The heat became more intense even being further away from the warehouse, that meant if was spreading. From inside I could hear the screams of pain from the infected as their flesh burned. That’s when I saw a few of them run from out of the flames, bodies completely on fire. They waved their arms about no longer caring about the bright sunlight. I watched them run in circles before they collapsed, it was odd hearing them cry out like this, I’ve only heard rage coming from them any other time. A few explosions went off inside the warehouse, the sound of fists banging came from the bay doors causing the doors to shake a little, they desperately wanted out. I hurriedly got Chuck’s unconscious body into the back of the truck. I wasn’t waiting around. I got into the drivers seat and floored it, the cries of the infected filled the air as I drove away.