We both got out of the truck, Chuck was checking the holster belt before strapping it around his waist. I had the shot gun shells in my front pocket holding the shotgun with my right hand, grabbing the spray bottle around my neck that was full of diesel fuel I pulled back on the trigger of the bottle checking the stream, sure I’d done it a few times before leaving the gas station but I just wanted to make sure again before heading inside. A smooth line of diesel fuel shot from the nozzle, instantly I could smell it and that made me relax some. “Grab the gym bag from the back it’s on your side” Chuck said while he grabbed the gas tank full of diesel that was sitting in the back of his truck. I pushed the driver side seat forward seeing the dark blue gym bag. Our plan was to put as many guns inside the bag as we could as well as ammo. I couldn’t tell which kind of guns I saw in the warehouse but I was pretty sure that they were automatic from the looks of it; I wasn’t a gun expert but from what I saw the guns looked like Ak-47’s or something of that nature. As if almost reading my mind Chuck walked around the back of the truck, he had the gas tank in one hand his other rested on the top of the gun that sat in the holster. He stood in front of me lowering the container, you could hear the diesel splashing about inside. “Now you’re sure you saw guns in there?” He asked. “Yea I know what guns look like!” I said aggressively, I felt a little pissed off that he would think I don’t know what a fucking gun looks like. “Ok then…” He said glancing off to the front office. He lifted the gas container opening the long tip nozzle you could smell the strong scent of fuel. “That’s what I wanna smell bless it!” He said, he looked up at me. “Make sure you keep that shotgun facing forward, but don’t walk too far ahead of me. I’ll be vulnerable while pouring the diesel so if you hear me calling out 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock you know what I’m sayin, just like we discussed” I was pissed off again. “I’m not fucking stupid dude, I know what you’re saying; I’m ready!” I belted out. Chuck could see that I was pissed but he knew that it stemmed from something more than just him. He reached out resting his hand on my shoulder, his face was calm when he cracked a smile at me. “I know man, I’m scared too. Let’s just stay focused, anger won’t help either of us ok?” He tilted his head slightly downward his brow raised, I didn’t respond. “Ok…?” He repeated. I knew that he was just trying to comfort me and that helped me a bit, but not by much. Sighing I forced a smile. “Yea…” He patted me on the shoulder then turned away walking, I moved beside him. “Get in front have your gun ready” he said softly. I hurried my paces getting in front of him bringing the shotgun up the tip pointing out in front of me toward the front window. The broken glass crunched below our shoes as we approached the front window, I couldn’t help but replay in my head how scared shitless I was when I hauled ass up the hallway busting through that center door with those fuckers in hot pursuit. I recall I even screamed out when I felt one of them grab for the back of my shirt, that’s what caused me to leap head first through that window. I barely made it out and now here we were standing right in front of the window where I tossed my self out, my hands were shaky. My legs felt like jello when I stepped inside, I forced myself to take deep breaths, my eyes scanned the room waiting for any movement, my ears straining to hear the slightest sound. I hadn’t realized that I was breathing a little louder than usual, but Chuck noticed. I could hear him pouring fuel when he said softly: if you breath out any louder I swear you’re gonna push out a baby” I glanced over my shoulder he was holding the gas can with both hands pouring in a zig zag motion toward me facing the other direction as we planned. I was amazed how calm he seemed, his butterfly sword was inside a leather sheath on his back nestled alongside its mate. I hadn’t realized that he was carrying double butterfly swords until now. He stopped pouring giving me a hard look. “Stay focused on what’s in front of you!” He stopped pouring after he whispered his sight fixed on the center door that was a few feet behind the secretaries desk. I agreed with a simple head gesture then turned back around hearing the fuel pour onto the ground with soft splashes. We walked around the desk standing before the center door. “Hold on a sec!” Charlie whispered. I had grabbed the handle of the door resting it there as Charlie took a few moments to toss fuel onto the desk. When he finished he walked up to me. “A little insurance” he said softly. “Once I open this door there will be a short hallway that spans about twenty feet. On the other end of the hall is another door that leads into the store room” I said. Chuck’s eyes were fixed on me intently. “Ok and where exactly is the skid or crate of guns again?” He said. “It’s a skid, and it will be on our right not far from the door so it should be pretty quick and easy once we open that door” I replied. He pulled a skinny silver metallic looking flashlight from the side of his jeans then turned it on placing it in his mouth with the beam shooting outward. “Letsth go” he said with a muffled voice and a mouthful of flashlight. The beam was bright swiping across my face as Chuck turned grabbing the gas tank. I opened the door after the light beam danced across my eyes it was quite bright. I could hear the diesel splashing on the ground again. Opening the door I found pressure from the other side helping me open the door faster that wasn’t good. Once the door was half opened one of the infected pushed past the door flinging me back the shot gun goes off on instinct but the gun wasn’t pointed forward, it was a wasted bullet. The infected was about to lunge but pulled back bringing his arms in front of his face disgusted, the fuel fumes were working. Chuck dropped the gas tank stepping forward while reaching up grabbing the handles of his double swords. He was over top of me in an instant slicing his swords outward, the head of the infected left his body rolling onto the floor with a heavy thud as blood gushed from his neck while the body dropped to the ground. He stood in front of the opened door his swords in front of him defensively, without looking back at me he spoke. “Get up!” He whispered.