We decided to go to the gas station first and get more diesel fuel. He had two gas tanks in the back of the truck, one was empty. We decided to fill it with diesel and use it to make forced barrier lines in the warehouse to keep the infected away from us. I believed that if we made a line of diesel fuel the infected wouldn’t come near it thus making a safe line of escape. It was a sound plan we both felt, plus we really wanted that gun cache that was in storage. As we made our way over to the warehouse where the guns and ammo was stored we went over the plan several times to make sure we both knew what we had to do. Since I’d already been in the warehouse and saw where the guns were stored I would lead. It was also agreed that I would use the shot gun, Chuck would use the hand gun, he said he was well trained with hand guns and since I wasn’t a great at shooting that leading with the shot gun made more sense while Chuck would cover when needed with the hand gun. This was going to be quick and we were going to use only the guns to kill quickly, get in fast and get out faster. I only found nine shot gun shells on the the original owner of the shot gun and one shell was left in the gun itself. After putting two shells in the shot gun that made a total of three in the gun giving me a total of seven shells left. The hand gun, which Chuck informed me was a Beretta 92F, I was guessing I had eight bullets left in the magazine, and one 15 round magazine left so yea we needed more guns and ammo. Chuck said that since it was an officer who gave me the Beretta that more than likely there’d be more ammo clips and possibly more guns in the corrections facility. I wasn’t really feeling the idea of going back there, and it would be more dangerous than the warehouse, at least that’s what I felt. The warehouse was smaller and pretty much open space, we’d be able to see an attack. But the jailhouse would’ve had too many areas we could be ambushed. I was feeling better because now I had someone to talk to, my sanity wasn’t slipping anymore. Who knew that merely talking to someone had such a healing affect. We pulled up into the parking lot of the warehouse, three cars sat in the lot near the front where the offices were, I warned Chuck that’s where I got ambushed and pointed to the broken window in the front to verify. There were two large bay doors that faced the parking lot that sat all the way at the far left other end of the building, a white commercial cargo truck with the name Spartan Shipping on the side was sitting by the first bay door. You could tell that the infection hit fast and hard, this place looked like they were open for business and were taken by surprise, the vehicles in the front were probably employees. There were signs up and down the street that everyone was taken off guard by the infection because everything looked so normal, it didn’t look like anything catastrophic had happened here. Chuck drove down to the back bay door surveying. “Don’t like it, looks like we’d only have access from the offices in order to get back to the storage areas” Chuck said. “You sure there’s guns in there?” He asked. “Yea, I went through the offices down a hallway and that lead to the back area. I saw guns packed away back there, on a skid. The package was opened and it looked like someone had taken some of the guns” I said. “More than likely to protect themselves” Chuck followed. He drove back to the front leaning over the steering wheel trying to peer into the front office. There was the greeting area which was one big room with a large secretaries desk that faced the front door. Behind the desk was five doors that lead to various offices except for the center door, that lead you down a hallway past the rest rooms eventually leading to another door that had entry to the back part of the warehouse. “That’s funny, the lights are still on in the front office. Electricity went down days ago at the gas station” I said. “Might be on a back up generator, but that works in our favor” We both kept looking around for any movement, so far there wasn’t any. “Why didn’t the lights in the offices bother the infected since they don’t like light” I asked. “Maybe it’s intense light, those lights in there look like energy savers; they’re a softer light” Chuck said. We both kept looking in the front office glancing about for possible activity. “That might be so, but maybe it’s the UV that bothers their eyes the most” I said. “Ya know, like vampires maybe?” Chuck glanced over at me, it was obvious we were just talking until our courage was built up enough to go inside. “You’re looking too deeply into it” he said. “Any intense light would affect our eyes. These blasters are bothered on a grander scale by bright light. I’ve used my flashlight much like I use a gun on these infected at night. Just point and shoot the light at their face and they cover their faces and run like the dickens. Only problem is you really have to watch your back because they run in groups like a pack of wolves” I looked over at him my eyes were low and irritated, I couldn’t believe what he just said. He finally noticed that I was looking at him, he shrugged his shoulders. “What?” He asked. “Nothin…” I said but that was a lie. He’d said blasters instead if bastards, I wasn’t used to this stupid way of talking with his substituting curse words with dumb ass words, I was a master of curse words and was damn proud of it. We went over the plan time and time again until finally I stopped going over it again, I cut Chuck in mid conversation. “So are you ready to do this?” I asked. Chuck realized it was time then sighed nodding in agreement, it was time to quit fucking around daylight was wasting. “Yea…” He said. “Let’s do this” that’s when the lights in the front office flickered then went out. “Looks like the generator went down” I said.