I thought about making a grave for the woman but it just freaked me out to look at her face so I changed my mind. With the rising sun and my victory over the infected I decided it was time to go down a few warehouses on Harmon where I saw that stockpile of guns, the place they almost got my ass until I dove out of the front window. I knew they’d be in there hiding from the sunlight, but this time I had something that would mess them up. I found a spray bottle in the utility closet so I filled it with diesel fuel then cut a few strands from the bottom of the mop that was in the closet and used that to tie the spray bottle around my neck. I had my hand gun in the holster I remembered that poor bastard who got swarmed by the infected, he had a shot gun. I walked outside seeing the shot gun on the street, the guys body not far from the gun, his body was pummeled, and there was signs of strangulation but all of his limbs were still there. I’d seen a few zombie movies where the zombies would tear the victim apart this poor guy was beat to death and strangled; then again these weren’t zombies so different ending. It was strange how peaceful it was at this very moment, the sun was out, it was a perfect spring morning. Hell you could even hear birds chirping off in the trees, guess they didn’t get the memo. It was so damn surreal, just right down Harmon if you took a right turn at the light you were on Greenlawn. At the corner of Harmon and Greenlawn was another gas station, I planned on making that my next stop. But not even a half mile down from there was the on and off ramp for 71 North and South, the place I got picked up for loitering not that long ago. On a day like this the fields over at Berliner would be packed with people playing softball, or baseball, those were days I made some money, sure it may not have been the big bucks, but it was money. The sound of a car engine disturbed the morning silence, it was coming from the other direction on Harmon but near 104. I stood a moment listening, my heartbeat quickened just from the notion that someone was driving a car, better yet the fact that it was a human driving gave rise to excitement. But I was too far away to catch up to them, by the sounds of it they were driving madly. The only way they’d see me was if they came down Harmon. I gave up on thinking I’d have such luck and started walking, that’s when I heard the tires screech and the hum of the engine drew closer, they were coming down Harmon towards me! I stood there froze waiting, hearing the sound of the car approach before actually seeing it. That’s when I saw that it wasn’t a car at all, it was a blue Ford Ranger pick up truck, by the looks of it a new model. As the truck drew closer I stood in the center of the road waiting dazed, and amazed that someone was coming. When it was about a quarter of a mile from me I heard the engine being pushed harder, the driver was picking up speed! It hit me that the driver was thinking I was one of the infected. I could dive out of the way but then they’d keep on driving. I had to let them know I wasn’t one of the infected. I started waving and yelling but the truck didn’t slow down. I dropped to my knees thinking of the one thing that no infected would do. While on my knees I brought my hands together in prayer fashion then lowered my head as the truck came upon me. I kept my eyes closed I wasn’t going to move, this was do or die. If they hit me then I’d be put out of my misery. But if they stopped then there would be someone else to help me in this fucked up world. The truck was only a car length from me before it turned screeching off to my right the smell of smoke from the tires filled my nose, the air pushed against my face from the trucks motion being so close to me. I looked up seeing a tall thin white guy open the driver side door then lean over the top of the truck, he was holding something in his right hand, a weapon to be sure. “Are you infected?” He yelled angrily. I stood up with a blank stare. “God love a duck are you infected!” He asked again just as angry.
“No…” I said faintly. He looked around cautiously before jumping out of the truck. Once he came around I saw that he was holding a Chinese sword. It had a wide thick blade, there was dried blood all over it. He was wearing a blue jean jacket vest, and blue jeans with a pair of cowboy boots. Who the fuck wears blue jean jacket vests anymore? He walked up to me, he was still pissed, I could see it in his eyes. “Have you been bitten?” he urgently asked me, his eyes were roving about my body looking for injuries.
“No…” I said just staring at him, I could barely believe that I was talking with another human being. To hear a human voice did my heart good.
“Son of Sam, is that all you can say is no…?” he retorted angrily.
“No…” I said blankly. He rolled his eyes in frustration, he caught sight of the wounds from jumping out of the window, I had cuts all over my arms from where I used them to protect my face.
“Where’d you get those?” he asked looking at the wounds on my arms. I took a deep breath and finally started to come down from my high.
“I was over there scavenging” I pointed to the warehouse behind him, the one I intended to go and get more guns. “When I came across a small group of infected, I had to jump out the window to get away” He snickered almost fully laughing. “So then you must know they don’t really like the sun light…”
“Yes…” I said. He started fuming getting mad at what I said.
“Dag nabbit, I swear if you start with yes, and no’s again I’ll belt you one!” I raised my eyebrow at him. “Why are you saying stupid shit?” I asked. His anger was gone replaced with confusion, he wasn’t even insulted by what I just said. “What do you mean by stupid stuff?” He asked. “You just said dag nabbit, and before that you said son of Sam. And I think before that you said God love a duck?” The confusion from his face settled a smile came to his lips. “Oh that…” He said laughing lightly. “Well I don’t believe in curse words” We just kind of looked at each other for a moment taking it all in, two survivors in a world gone to shit. “Names Chuck, and you?” He asked. “Eric…” I said. “Well Eric do you say much other than single words or short sentences? Cause I tell you what that spit is gonna drive me crazy if you do!” I nodded my head upon hearing spit instead of shit, then it occurred to me after looking at that Chinese sword in his hand then reflecting on his name. “Hey wait, you’re Kung Fu Chuck from Kung Fu City in Grove City aren’t you?” I asked. He smiled in acknowledgement. “So you’ve seen my commercials eh?” He said proudly. Who hadn’t seen them. They played repeatedly late nights, they were catchy and always had some type of humor in them that people always talked about. When I’d go to homeless shelters people would talk about Kung Fu Chuck too, he was like a household name locally, a local celebrity. He had a pretty big and fancy martial art studio in Grove City a suburb of Columbus, I’d even thought of going up and checking it out sometime. From what I heard he was a good instructor, but I also heard he had a thing for loose women. He was a single guy in his mid thirties and he was attractive and in shape, I’m sure he didn’t have a hard time with the ladies. But what I heard might have been just that, hearsay. “Well I’d say your plan is a good one Eric, we shouldn’t be wasting daylight then, but how many are in there do you know? We could get in there and be overwhelmed by a horde, I’ve seen huge hordes running around at night” I looked at him slyly. “I’ve got something that they don’t like” I said. “What?” He asked. I grabbed the spray bottle around my neck, now it was my turn to be proud. “They have a weakness for diesel fuel, they won’t come near it, and it kills them too” Chuck looked surprised. “No spit!” He said with a quirky smile. “Yea, that’s why I have been alive this long, I’ve been hiding out over there” I pointed to the gas station. “They don’t come near it what so ever” I said. Chuck seemed amazed. I told him about how I stumbled across the discovery of the infected’s weakness and for a moment I didn’t think he would believe me and maybe he only believed half of what I said. He turned walking back to the truck it was still idle. “Jump in…” He said.