Ripping open the condom packs I walked to the front door then went outside to pump two. The sound of the horde was defeating, once they saw me their excitement grew; they called out to me to surrender my life to them. It may not have been in words but the way they were yelling out to me was easy to translate. Taking one of the condoms I gripped the pump and slid the condom onto the nozzle. For a brief moment I found humor in putting a condom on a pump nozzle, a smile came to my face. How could I find something to laugh at a moment like this? Maybe I was feeling a little better because I was actually doing something, I didn’t feel helpless. I was working toward something that could help me get out of here. The condom expanded filling quickly, becoming heavy with diesel fuel dropping downward. I released the handle and used my leg to support the weight of the condom. I pulled the tip of the condom from the nozzle and quickly tied the end like you would a water balloon. I was amazed how big the condom expanded and I thought as it was filling that it would surely break but it never did. I was anxious the moment of truth was now. I took out the pocket knife and started delicately poking little holes around its surface, I had to poke several times to even get a hole then move on to the next, fuel started spraying out in tiny streams through the holes I was making. When I was finished there was about ten streams all around the ballon, all of them streaming fuel. Taking a deep breath I looked at one of the infected who caught my eye, I remained focused on her. She was wearing a mini skirt no shoes, her feet and legs were dirty easily noticeable due to her pale skin. Her hair was dark mid length and after I really looked at her face I noticed that before all of this she would’ve been strikingly beautiful. But now…? She was just wanting to strike me with her fists, those ugly yellow eyes and scowl on her face caused her beauty to fade. Nodding my head I acknowledged I was ready. I ran towards her she seemed to open her arms ready to embrace me, I could swear that she felt that I had chosen her to end my life maybe it was all in my head. But I stopped short of her tossing the condom filled with diesel right at her face. Her eyes widened instantly backing away but it was too late, the condom hit her exploding splashing on several others upon impact. They began running away not even hesitating as the female dropped to the ground writhing in pain ripping at her face causing it to bleed, she kicked about frantically while her head bucked back hitting the ground several times. It was like the others were roaches and I just turned on the light switch, they scattered running off waving arms about. I could swear it was the first signs of fear that I’d ever seen from the infected. They fled leaving me there to watch her, the flailing became less after ten minutes or so. Her arms lowered to the ground, face bloodied, fleshed in certain areas scratched and torn. Her mouth was wide, she was panting like a dog tongue fully out. She managed to look at me most certainly there was confusion there in her eyes, it made me wonder if there was any human thoughts in there still and I started to feel some guilt. An hour into the ordeal she finally drew her last breath. The sun was starting to rise. I couldn’t help but look at her face, she was living her life I didn’t know anything about it but it was a life. I wondered how it happened for her, when she was bitten. I felt pity for her knowing that she had to be afraid in those last moments before she was infected, running for her life wondering why? I knew this because I had been afraid ever since this shit started. Her hair was gently moving stroked by the wind. Before all of this she was someone going about her life, beautiful and free. Her eyes and mouth remained opened it was kind of eerie and sad at the same time. The early morning rays of the sun low to the ground in an orange hue, the sky was slowly brighting. Well… I was right, of sorts. The fumes and something in the fuel didn’t agree with the infected. It killed them. I had a new weapon now, it was empowering to know they had weaknesses. I was feeling good about myself for a moment until I looked back down at her. Then I was reminded that there was nothing good about this life, not in this new way of living. I don’t know why I didn’t just say fuck it and let them kill me, maybe it was the human condition of survival. I wanted to live, even if it was in this shitty world. The world was shitty before all of this, the shit just changed but it was shit all the same.