Over the span of ten minutes I’d say the horde went from hundreds to easily a thousand or more. Initially I was truly afraid, I could see them testing the boundaries slipping a foot in past the invisible barrier that held them at bay, then bringing it back or even hopping close to the gas pumps before jumping away. I’d even heard banging on the back of the wall of the gas station but it would only last mere seconds before footsteps were heard running away. What was it that was keeping them at bay? My mind rushed for answers but the only conclusion for me was that it had to be the fumes from the diesel. Sure it sounded stupid, but I could see them waving in front of their faces when they got too close; it was as if something was really bothering their sinuses. It had to be the fumes. As my fear temporarily subsided I started to think, maybe it was time to fully test my theory. My mind was racing for a way to make this happen, eyes darting about with my fingers rubbing on my chin. I started to pace in small steps moving one direction, then the other forcing myself to slow my breathing; something I’d learned from karate when I used to train that helped me relax. I decided to stay inside in hopes that it would calm the horde but it only seemed like their rage grew because they knew I was hiding. I dropped down to one knee closing my eyes trying to block out the sounds of the horde, but it wasn’t working. I cursed at myself for feeling so helpless. I dropped the other knee in desperation slamming both hands to the ground. That was foolish, I hurt myself. The pain in my hands after striking the ground shot up trough my hands into my arms, I brought my arms up opening my hands inspecting them to make sure they weren’t damaged. As I looked them over I saw the utility closet it caught my attention. Staring at the utility closet my mind started to open, the sound of the horde began to fade out with my focus honing in what what was necessary. Looking around the gas station store not knowing what I was searching for it clicked when I saw the condom packs behind the counter. “But how…?” I asked forcing my thoughts to expand. I stood up quickly the pain in my hands gone or maybe the distraction of the task at hand caused the pain to fade. I went behind the counter looking for something anything that would suit my needs, I found small pocket knives that the station must’ve sold in a bowl, I reached back grabbing a pack of condoms. Looking out the window I saw pump number two was closet to the station. I reached down on the register, then hit the accept button for pump two. Let’s see if this was going to work. I really hoped it did, if so I would finally get my ass out of here.