I’d slept most of the day, maybe depression egged that on. I had no one to talk to, no human companionship what so ever. How ironic that I ached to just talk to my father again, even if he was just yelling at me to hear his voice right now would be the greatest gift. Funny how the things you hated you suddenly realized were things that weren’t so bad. I had been in a deep sleep unaware of anything around me, if I wasn’t in such a safe place an infected could come up and bite my nose off and I still would’ve been sleeping. “Yaaaaaarrrrggghhh!” My head jerked upon hearing that horrible scream, it was the angry cry of the infected. But unlike so many that I’d heard over the last days this time it was very close, just right down the street. I took a few deep breaths rubbing my eyes when I heard three shots go off, it sounded like a shot gun. Jumping up I ran to the window looking down the street in the direction I’d heard all the action. The street was dark but enough light from business areas made it possible to see a man running toward the gas station, he was only about forty feet from the building, sure enough he was holding a shot gun but at the moment he wasn’t shooting he was hauling ass. I caught motion from the left of my peripheral vision. It was more infected, they were running pretty fast in an attempt to cut him off but they stayed a safe distance from the station. It was as if they knew if he made it here they couldn’t get him. I noticed a very large horde of infected quickly gaining behind him. I didn’t even think about my safety I quickly fidgeted with the lock on the security gate to the front door opening it. Rushing out I pulled my gun from its holster my hand was shaking, I was anxious to help him. I looked up seeing him raise his shot gun, a few of the infected that reached him first leaped at him he squeezed the trigger sending them flying back, the sound of the shot gun echoing. “Over here!” I yelled out to him, he glanced over seeing me, he was just as surprised as I to see another human being. That glance was his undoing. He was knocked to the ground by the wave of infected his gun being tossed away from the sheer force of the hordes attack. “No!” I cried out. I lost sight of him in a small sea of infected, briefly I saw his hand break through the barrier of flesh, his fingers stretching out before violently shaking then disappearing abruptly. I didn’t hear him cry out, no sounds of pain, his death must’ve been quick. There were so many infected swarming it was hard to make out bodily forms anymore as they all fought to get a piece of him. They never even paid any attention to me, they were too busy killing. At this point after finally seeing another human being only for these bastards to take his life I finally cracked. I held my pistol up and started shooting into the mass of flesh not even knowing which one I hit because the mass kept moving about. Some of them started to take notice of me looking up with alert yellow eyes, that’s when I realized I should stop bringing attention to myself my own fear returning when I saw them staring at me. The horde finally broke up and all attention was on me, but thankfully they kept their distance. They were hopping around like a bunch of angry monkeys, I could tell they really wanted to get their hands on me but whatever it was here at the gas station kept them at bay. I just stood there looking at them, they had the place completely surrounded and the horde continued to grow. It looked like this was going to be my home for a long time, no way I was getting out of here, and no way were they going anywhere I’d pissed them off pretty good. Then one of them yelled out looking to the sky like a wolf howling at the moon. It was an unusually long one, and the rage in his voice sounded as if he was beyond their usual rage; I started to feel that they were frustrated. They really wanted to kill me but couldn’t get any closer. More and more hordes began running toward the gas station, the infected who just called out did so again but this time he stared right at me almost to show that he had intentions to take my life personally, his yellow eyes locked on my own eyes. I rose the gun up as he yelled out, pointed it at his head and shot him right between the eyes from where I stood. He was instantly silenced falling back almost flipping before hitting the ground, he was dead but now I had hundreds of infected all around the gas station, with more that kept coming adding to their numbers.