I was flipping out thinking that the blood, or even the brain matter from that infected I shot in the head had infected me once the blood and brains got into my mouth. But days later nothing happened, I would constantly check for changes in my eyes waiting for them to turn that God awful yellow, they never did. This leads me to believe that infection can only be spread by biting, I could still be wrong and I don’t even know how or why it could only be spread via a bite except to say that I’ve come to that conclusion by observation only. In between time I’d made my way out of that fucking corrections center and down a few buildings. In a warehouse I found a short little league baseball bat, and a machete. The infected were everywhere, I couldn’t scavenge like I thought I’d be able to. There was just too many of them, I couldn’t risk it. So instead I made small progressions during the day making sure I didn’t stray too far from the gas station I called home for the time being right down the way from Franklin County Corrections Center. It was a diesel station where semi trucks could fill up before heading out onto the freeway. It sat close to 71 north and south, and 104 not far from where I’d gotten arrested near the baseball fields off of Green Lawn avenue. In three days time I was only able to get down Frank road and cross 104 where there was a warehouse district, there was plenty of stuff to scavenge and plenty of the infected hiding out in the warehouses during the daytime, I barely escaped from one warehouse. I had to toss myself through a window out into the sunlight with a group of infected hot on my tail. Fortunately they stopped short of the sun rays, the sun was just too intense for their eyes. Unfortunately I got cut up pretty good jumping through the glass, the movies always made that look painless and easy, in real life not so much. And just yesterday I ran barely making it to this gas station, for some reason they stopped their pursuit once I got on the property. The place was unlocked but to my luck I found how to close the place up good with the security gate. It was close to a bad area before the infection started there was lots of crime so to keep criminals out they must’ve had the security gate put up around the front door and the windows were bulletproof. It was a tiny building but it was perfect for me. I had food and water. Sure food was just beef jerky sticks and other junk food items, but that was better than nothing, as usual I had more than enough water but I wasn’t complaining. The depressing thing was that I hadn’t come across another human being since I left the corrections facility, were they all either dead or infected now? The infected were relentless. Faster and stronger, no fear and having no desire except to kill or infect their victims. Humans were afraid, weaker, always needing to find sustenance, the odds were against us and it showed. It was an every day struggle for me to just scavenge and find supplies without coming across the infected. I discovered an arsenal of guns in the warehouse down the street, it was the same warehouse that I had to jump out of the window to escape that group of the infected. I’m starting to see the habits of the infected now it seems pretty basic. They are able to problem solve to a degree which makes them dangerous but their level of intelligence most assuredly seems limited seeming almost child like. They search for places to stay hidden from the sun during the day, that’s most likely due to their dilated pupils having extreme sensitivity to bright light. They tend to go back to the same place during the day which means they have memory recall. They don’t seem to eat or at least I haven’t observed one doing so. They don’t speak but that doesn’t mean they don’t communicate. Since they move in packs that to me means there’s some form of communication I just don’t know how they do it. But I do hear from time to time that horrid screaming that sends them all into a frenzy. I’ll see massive groups run past the gas station in the direction the infected screaming comes from. I remember when I was in the jail cell they did that, screaming and yelling trying to get into the jail cell to get me. Maybe it was more than just frustration but a call for others to come? I don’t fully understand it myself but there must be a connection. It could very well be a hunting parties dinner bell call. If so, then that means every time I hear that damn scream from somewhere the infected have quite possibly found another human being. I didn’t like the thought of it because that mean other people were being killed or turned making me feel that much more lonely and depressed. There’s something about the gas station that they don’t like, I’ve noticed that they will come near it then kind of twitch as if something is bothering them before running off. No matter how many come past here they always steer clear of this place. I think maybe God is looking out for me, no one can be this damn lucky. As for the cause of why the infected don’t come near here, I’m going to guess maybe the gasoline itself has properties in it that bothers them possibly the fumes. I won’t know until I test my theories, that would mean seeking them out which is kind of stupid because I’ve been doing nothing but trying to hide and avoid them. If my theories are right then this would be a great help, but if I’m wrong I will have a gang of infected rushing me. Eh… I don’t know if I want to risk that. What if It’s something else here that keeps them away? Something I’m not aware of? I think I’ll just eat a few Twinkie’s drink some fruit punch then take a nap.