“What makes you think that you can make it out there?”
“Dad I can make it, I’m a grown man!”
“No you’re not grown boy, and to be a man you have to prove your worth Eric!”
“And I will prove my worth, I don’t have to go to college for that! I have my own path to take!”
“You’re a fool! You’re too young to know what path to take! And with no education you’re a stupid fool!”
“Who’s stupid? You’ve been fighting all of your life to be a white man, but you’re a dark skinned black man! If you ask me you’re the fool!”
“Watch your mouth boy!”
“What dad? You don’t like the truth? It’s true. You’ve always tried to fit in! You married mom and she’s the whitest looking black woman, I mean look at her, she’s got blond hair and blue eyes and she has white skin but she’s black!”
“One more thing out of you and I will forget that you’re my son and kick your ass!”
“Don’t worry I’m out of here, and I won’t be back!”
“No training, no education. And you think you can survive out there?”
“Yea… I can survive…” I woke up blinking my eyes, smacking my lips I was feeling how dry my mouth was. It was quiet, looking over I noticed that the infected were gone, only a few bodies of the dead on the floor. The warmth of sun rays touched my face, it had a calming affect. I took a deep breath and licked my lips. It wasn’t a good thing dreaming about the last words I said to my dad before I stormed out of the house never speaking to him again. I regret what I said but I did mean it. To me dad hated being a dark skin black man, and I think seeing other dark skinned blacks reminded him of what he was. He was always complaining about black people as a whole saying they were shifty and lazy, that they had no worth in the world. He even forbid me to date black girls in school or even hang around other blacks. It was all so confusing hearing all of this from your father who was just as black as the people that he hated. Maybe that’s where we clashed because I never felt that way. It didn’t matter now. My stomach gurgled reminding me of how hungry I was. I noticed that the infected always seemed to retreat when the sun was up, maybe this was a good time to venture out; I really didn’t have a choice. I stood up and instantly got a head rush from hell, I swayed back and forth to catch my balance while I fought my dizzy spell, damn I was hungry and it was really starting to show. Taking a deep breath I exhaled loudly, it helped ease the dizziness. I reached down picking up my gun holding it firmly, with the other hand I grabbed the keys and walked over to the bars. Pausing I looked around noting that Mervin was gone, no doubt he ran with the pack of infected that filled the room, in a way that was kind of sad. We’d only talked for a bit but I felt like I knew him. Maybe it was just because I was lonely I don’t know. I closed my eyes fighting down the extreme pain in my stomach then put the key into the hole unlocking the gate of my jail cell. I opened the cell gate slowly keeping my eyes on the entrance of the doorway that led into the room, listening for any sounds of footsteps. I left the key in the keyhole slipping silently and cautiously to the entrance. Looking out into the hall I noticed bodies littered the floor, my knuckles white from gripping the gun so tightly. I scanned every possible area for the infected, sweat rolled down my face and I didn’t bother to wipe it away for fear it would leave me vulnerable. I stood there leaning against the entrance door looking, listening. After a few minutes and a nudge from my stomach I walked out into the hall, I recalled there being a vending machine on the first floor in the main lobby. I made way way stepping over bodies and glancing into rooms and cells, I’d never been so scared my adrenaline making me forget me hunger my senses ever alert. I made it to the stairs the coldness of the floor touching my feet, the air conditioner kicked on causing me to jump, I cursed under my breath; I took a few deep breaths I needed to calm down. I made my way down the stairs more bodies were strewn everywhere the sound of flies buzzing was common. I eyed the vending machines, one was for snacks, the other was for pop and juices. Making my way stepping over more bodies I stood in front of the vending machines my stomach now returning to remind me of how hungry I was, but a predicament came to me. How was I going to get into the machines? I frowned, I wasn’t going to waste bullets I just needed something else to break the glass. That’s when I caught sight of the night stick on the floor close to a correction officers corpse that it lay beside. It would be perfect to use, I could break the glass and be eating in no time. I rushed over and leaned down grabbing the night stick, to my surprise the corpse wasn’t dead, only resting. His head turned looking up at me with yellowish eyes of rage.