I’m laying by the toilet my gun sitting on the floor beside me, at the bars of my cell right in front of me is at least fifty or more of the infected banging and pulling on the bars trying to get in with bloodied hands and faces. Some have perished because they used their faces slamming them up against the bars in a rage fit trying to break in. I wasted a few bullets initially shooting at some of them, but once I realized they couldn’t get in I just sat down and observed their behavior. At times they seemed a little rational trying to find a way into the cell, but once they would fail at getting in anger would take over. It was safe to say that the infected were very temperamental. Was there anything human left behind in their minds, to me it appeared only minuscule amount if anything. They seemed ruled by emotion and that emotion was rage. I found myself thinking about other things not even paying attention to them beat on the bars. I wondered about my parents, were they ok? My father had a bad leg from a sports injury, he’d been putting off knee surgery forever it seemed like. If he still had a bad knee he wouldn’t be able to run, hell who was I kidding? Mom or dad wouldn’t be able to run, not from the infected. I wondered if it was this bad in Delaware Ohio, on the news it looked like infection was everywhere. I felt really depressed thinking about how my parents may have died, I knew if the infection spread to Delaware which I was sure it did; that my parents were dead already. I regretted not making peace with dad, maybe I was a dumb ass for not listening to him. He was just looking out for my well being. All that stupid pride, and now I was missing him and my mother both. I realized that there were good times that I had with dad, and that he was a good man. Damn I felt like crap, i couldn’t take back the hurtful things I said to him or rekindle our relationship because he was dead now. And if he wasn’t they were locked up in the house scared to death. There was no way for me to get to them, I was stuck in jail. More and more infected kept coming up to my cell alerted by all of this damn screaming and ranting, by the looks of it I’m going to die in here. I’m hungry as hell but not a lick of thirsty. That’s some funny shit. All of this stressful thinking has made me sleepy. So I close my eyes just to rest them for a bit.