Man was I tense just standing there holding my gun aiming it at the entrance that came in the room. I knew that the bars would protect me but the unknown really messed with my mind filling my imagination. Finally people started coming into view it was three of them. Out of instinct I looked at their eyes verifying that all three were indeed infected. I stared at them a bit looking them over, there was truly no indication at first glance that they were infected save for their eyes. Nothing unnatural about how the way they moved, no zombie sounds coming from their mouths, maybe I watched too many movies. All three stopped at the entrance of the doorway staring at me, that’s when I noticed I could hear them breathing. It was louder than how one would sound normally at rest, it was labored like they had trouble breathing gasping rather than the regular inhale, exhale. It was weird they just stood there looking around the room not displaying the rage that I’d previously seen. These were calm, I could swear I could see intelligence in their eyes. Finally they proceeded into the room where my cell was held. The one in the center was an old man with white hair, he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and tan dress pants. There was a female on his right she was dressed in business attire, and the last infected had an Ohio State jersey on and blue jeans. The room was rectangular and held two cells, the cells were side by side with a walkway that went from the entrance to the front of the cells. The three infected walked slowly past Mervin’s unconscious body up to my cell, they didn’t even take notice that he was laying there. I stepped further away from the bars as they approached, I knew they couldn’t break in but it just made me feel more at ease if I kept distance. They stopped at the gate heads down looking at the keyhole not even paying attention to me. The one in the center grabbed the bars with both hands and shook it a few times, when the gate failed to open he leaned down looking at the keyhole again. They weren’t as dumb or mindless as I thought, they were actually trying to problem solve and that scared me, the infected weren’t some dumb mindless zombies like I thought they were. They were fully capable of thought and were trying to find a way to get in the cell, that made me feel very uneasy. The male in the center started to get frustrated grabbing hold of the bars and shaking them looking like a gorilla that was angry because he could not understand how to get into the cell. The other two seemed aggravated by his actions and started grabbing the cell and trying to shake the bars loose. Their silence was broken and soon they all began to yell and bang their fists on the bars like angry primates. From outside I hear more yells and cries of anger. More of the infected were coming, they had been alerted by the three’s outcry for blood; it was going to be a long night.