He said it out of nowhere but with a sense of despair, he knew like I did that a bite meant that at some point he would become like them, one of the infected all crazed with no sense of anything but to kill. It’s funny but I didn’t remember until now that the news said that infection was spreading through bites and warned others to stay away from anyone who showed signs of infection, I just didn’t know how severe it would become if one became infected none of us did. That’s how the infection took everyone by surprise, no one wanted to admit how bad it was getting before it was too late. We both remained silent for a few minutes, me thinking about the fact that he was infected and what that meant, and him not knowing what was going to happen because he was infected, man that had to really suck. “Hey, could you wet the shirt again? I feel really hot and have a God awful thirst like you wouldn’t believe. I swear I could jump into a large pool of water and drink every ounce!” We both smiled at each other both doing it out of feeling uneasy. “Yea toss me the shirt back” I said. I squatted low and extended my hand out, he reached up grabbing the shirt then flicked it over to me; it landed right in front of the bars. I reached out picking the shirt up then stood up walking back over to the sink. Turning the sink on I proceeded to scrub the dirt off that the shirt picked up when touching the floor. “The names Mervin by the way” he said while I cleaned his shirt with my back turned to him. “I always hated that name, sounded like a nerd or something” he forced out a small giggle. “Don’t know what my parents were thinking to name a boy that” I was finished cleaning the dirt off then soaked it again. I rushed back over to the bars. “If you can slam it right on the face again if you can” Mervin asked. I stuck my arm out lining it up with Mervin’s face. With an underhand technique I tossed the shirt over it landed with the same desired effect as last time smacking Mervin in the face in the same exact spot but this time it was deliberate. “Two and O” he said his voice muffled by the shirt. Mervin sitting there with that shirt on his face was funny looking I started to laugh, and the more silent he remained sitting there looking ridiculous the harder I laughed. He reached up pushing a part of the wet shirt in his mouth sucking on it. “You’d make a gay man happy with those sucking skills” I said barely being able to talk laughing in between my words gasping for air. “I’m glad you enjoy my current situation it really sucks” he said his mouth full of wet shirt, he was enjoying the light moment as well. He moved the shirt to the side with his hand but left it on his head. “So what’s your name?” he asked. I composed myself and controlled my laughter. “Eric Lavender” he looked a bit confused his brow raising. “Wait… You’re a porn star?” I sat down close to the bars crossing my legs. “Didn’t know there was a porn star that had my name, my dad would flip out if he knew that” Mervin coughed then put a portion of wet shirt in his mouth sucking on it briefly before puling it out to speak. “It’s not but it sure sounds like a porn star name” he said. “You from Columbus?” he asked. I adjusted myself leaning back putting my hands behind me for support. “Yea and you?” I asked. “From Lancaster Ohio, I came down here for a better job ain’t that some funny shit” he said. “How so?” He pulled the shirt off of his head frustrated letting his hand heavily drop along with the shirt to the ground. “This isn’t working anymore, just too thirsty!” he smacked his mouth as if he just had something really tart, his tongue slowly flicking out the sliding back into his mouth then he repeated the process looking much like a lizard when they flick their tongue out. His body seized up his eyes going wide. Falling to the floor he went into convulsions, I stood up grabbing the bars calling out to him. His body finally stopped shaking and went limp. I just noticed that we’d been talking for a bit the sun had went down. I kneeled down close to the bars. “Mervin…?” I called out softly, there was no response. “Mervin you ok man?” There was no response he just lay there unresponsive. I heard footsteps walking toward the door out in the hall, then they stopped. Standing back up I felt something wasn’t right, I stepped away from the bars pulling my gun from the holster. The sound of footsteps started again but now it was accompanied by several others, the sounds came closer and closer to the door getting louder indicating distance letting me know they were just outside the door. I raised my gun pointing it at the door entrance.