Days had gone by since hell broke loose at the Franklin County Corrections Center, that night it fell eerily silent. From time to time I could hear the sounds of feet scuffing the floor just outside in the hall, that was further motivation to stay in here. By the third day I was starting to get hungry, I don’t think I had courage but my needs to find sustenance began to make me more and more ever so bold. There was a sink in the cell so I didn’t have the danger of dying of thirst, this cell could hold up to fifteen people or so it was spacious. It was amazing how silent it was, there was nothing. In a place where you could hear several conversations overlap each other to the point you couldn’t get a proper nights sleep, that’s what I hated about this place. And now there was nothing, sure you could hear the static from televisions left on the first hours that I was alone but they had sleep modes in order to conserve electric and eventually they all shut off. I was too afraid to venture out there, I saw what the infected was capable of. I saw an infected woman rush a three hundred pound man and lift him off of the ground throwing him in a wild body slam. She was slender built, how was she able to do that? They also seemed to move quickly rushing at their victims and using that momentum to knock their prey down. The officer said that when a person was bit it infected them, changed them somehow. The infected moved like they had way too many energy drinks, it’s not jerky either they move smooth and calculated. When I got hit by one of the infected across the face it felt like he struck me with a concrete block, it was heavy and very strong. I’ve never been hit like that. I have a black belt in Shoryin Ryu Karate, I used to compete pretty heavy in kick boxing in the summer back was I was eighteen and got hit real good more than a few times but nothing felt as hard and heavy as when that infected punched me in the face. It’s been a few years since I competed and mostly did that while living at home, but when you’re homeless you don’t have time to do that stuff anymore. I got up walking to the bars pressing my face against them I turned my head to see what I could hear out there. I strained for minutes that progressed into an hour, then two. I stood there waiting to hear something until my legs got tired and I started to feel dizzy. “I didn’t know someone was in here” said a voice right at the door coming into my cell, I jumped back dropping my gun taken by surprise; I hadn’t heard a voice in days. Looking over I saw a short bald guy he was wearing an orange suit that meant he was a felony prisoner here at the facility . He was kind of heavy set but not fat, he was barefooted no doubt he lost his jailhouse issue flip flops like I did once I started running. He leaned against the wall once coming into the room he looked fatigued. “How did you…?” I stopped. He gave a half smile then slid down the wall landing heavily on his bottom, he was a few feet across from me on the other side of the bar. “Survive?” he followed completing my sentence. I got my first glance of his eyes when he looked directly at me, I flinched stepping away from the bars when I saw that they were yellow. “Shit you’re one of them!” I said hysterically, I reached down picking up my gun; he lowered his head not even trying to get away. “No I’m not one of them I’m talking aren’t I? Those damn lunatics only scream and yell I don’t think they’re capable of speech, not anymore” he looked up at me seeing that I had my gun pointed right at his face. “What am I going to do? Bend those bars and come in there? Yea right!” he laughed. He was right though, he couldn’t bend those bars if he wanted to, I was in the safest place I could be right now. I calmed myself lowering the gun. “How did you survive out there in all that shit?” I asked him. “Didn’t you just ask me that?” he said. He waved his hand at me as if to say I was forgiven for being so rude, to me there is nothing rude about wanting to survive; I needed to know. “It was crazy man” he said staring off. “They just started killin people! There wasn’t a chance in hell, so many of them came at us!” he rubbed the back of his upper arm. He started rolling his tongue in his mouth then licked his dry lips, he noticed the sink by the toilet in my cell. “Any chance I can get in there to get some water? I’m thirsty as hell and my body feels stiff as a board. I’m sure it’s because I need water” I walked up getting a closer look at his eyes they just looked so damn spooky with the yellow tint and dilated pupils, then I remembered what the officer told me before he ran off. “Did one of them bite you?” I asked. He laid his head back onto the wall. “Wow you’re really gonna let me die of thirst aren’t you?” he said. I looked around the cell, I saw a shirt that was left behind. “I’d rather not let you in the cell, it’s for my own safety don’t take it personal” I walked over picking up the shirt. “But I can get this shirt soaking wet and toss it to you. You can bite down on it and drink. I can wet it as much as you need” he nodded his head in agreement, he had barely enough strength to do that. “Yea, sounds good” he said weakly. I went over to the sink and placed the shirt inside it then turned the water on. A small flow of water came out, I let the sink slowly fill getting the shirt immersed then turned the sink off and pulled the drenched shirt out. I quickly walked over to the bars leaving a trail of water behind me. “Here” I said tossing the shirt to him, the shirt slapped him in the face making that sound when wet cloth hits a wall or something. He just sat a moment letting the wet shirt soak his face. “That’s feels good, nice and cool” he said with a muffled voice. He reached up pushing a portion of the shirt in his mouth and started sucking on the wet cloth. He did this several times searching for a new area of the shirt that was still wet until there wasn’t any moisture left to drink. He placed the shirt on his chest he said it felt cool on his skin. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath then spoke. “Yea I was bitten”