We were freed by the kindness of a stranger who decided to stay behind even after his comrades had already left condemning us, we were locked in cells with no way out starvation would’ve eventually occurred followed by death. I fought my way into the hallway, stopping I looked out from the second floor window down to the correction facility parking lot, it was full of strange activity. Large masses of people were attacking the prisoners as they ran out of the correction center, they were beating them, chocking, stabbing, killing. I heard gun shots down the hall. I turned running away from the entrance frantically looking for a place to hide with adequate shelter. I hadn’t even gotten down stairs to see what was going on but my instincts said don’t go down; in my gut there was a tightness that only came when bad things happen. It was loud from people yelling in excitement to be free others from feeling like me but not reacting like me, they were running toward the danger. It was hard but I pushed my way against the human flow of traffic. Hearing someone scream just down where I had been looking out of the window I looked over my shoulder the angry mob that was outside was now up here cutting through the crowd either with fists or weapons, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing it was a total disregard for life; violence on a scale that I’d never seen. Heads severed, blood spurting gushing like a sprinkler on the lawn, high screams coming from men who you’d never think you hear it. Of course the prisoners fought back but these crazed men and women, they seemed to possess a strength that no ordinary man had; and that along with the sheer wave that came at the prisoners and the momentum behind them there was no chance to survive against that. What I saw outside was now inside and it was all around me. My eyes were darting about looking for a weapon, anything I could use while at the same time I kept pushing through the crowd looking for someplace to hide and escape. I heard a ragging scream behind me, turning only to see one of the infected lunging at me; his eyes were so yellow and tainted looking. I didn’t know at that time that he was infected or that any of them were, but after looking into his eyes I knew something was up with them. He struck me across the face several times then pushed me to the ground, I was dazed momentarily. Upon hearing a gun shot I glanced up seeing a bullet exit the infected attackers forehead. He made a low gurgling sound before falling flat on his face. The officer that had freed me now ran up extending his hand quickly helping me up. He pushed me back to where I had spent the last few days, back into the cell I’d been in. Shutting the bars behind me as I fell to the ground I noticed that the officer wasn’t in the cell with me. He tossed the keys through the bars. “Don’t let anyone in no matter what!” He yelled at me. “It’s too late…” He said softly. We stared at each other briefly, that’s when I recognized a bite on his arm that was bleeding heavily. “Don’t let them bite you, I saw on the news that it does something to you, infects you” he looked down at his bite, then looked back up at me. He undid his holster and belt then shoved them through the bars, his face was awkward, eyes watery when he looked at me. “I hope you make it, someone has to” he forced a smile before running away back out there where death was surely waiting. It was because of that officer that I’m I’ve today. For sure I would’ve perished or been infected that night. The kindness of a stranger gave me a fighting chance.