As if I didn’t have enough, I’m writing another new story as well. My best friend, my loving wife is in the hospital fighting for her life, I’ve been in here with her for the last five days and just to keep my depression in check and to stay sane I’m writing. It keeps me occupied while all of this crazy shit goes on around me. I keep my vigil beside the bed of my wife and pray, then I start writing when the room is silent. Which is only for a short time before the nurses come in for blood or to check my wife’s vitals. God willing all will be ok. In the meantime my writing has a sense of darkness to it. The name of the new story is called “When the snow comes” long story short it’s about a guy who survives this global wide infection. Sure the infection is nothing new, I’m just telling the story of a guy who’s trying to survive it. Love you my dearest wife, I’ll be here at your side when you wake.