His name was Chaan’no son of Judge Pua, Chaan’no the greatest of all warriors of T’oku; it was said maybe the greatest of all four kingdoms. Trained in the grappling arts of the Ntubu at age four and within just a few years was defeating wrestlers twice his age. He was then sent to the kingdom of Kanuth where they were revered in a combat form called Magh; a fluid fighting system of well placed punches and kicks, and the learning of the human pressure points. By the age of twelve he had greatly impressed his Kanuthian teacher so much that he was given the title of son from his master due to his great skill, and desire to learn and properly apply what he had been taught. At the age of eighteen Chaan’no was reluctantly sent to the kingdom of Tambi by his father to learn their superior skills of archery. And like with all the other war arts that he had learned archery was yet another skill that he made his own. When Chaan’no would not accept the mark of warrior on the side of his face from his master upon becoming the greatest of his students he was kindly asked to leave Tambi for it was a sign of disrespect not to accept; he was twenty years old. Upon returning home to T’oku he learned the T’okuan battle axe, the preferred weapon of warriors in the kingdom. When he was twenty six a rogue army of barbarians who tried to invade the kingdom were felled by a smaller army led by Chaan’no; it was said by his own hand many of the barbarians fell and that he fought as if God himself chose him as His enforcer. From that battle arose the legend of Chaan’no.
“Will you teach me?” Ma’i said his face to the ground on his knees bowed before Chaan’no who stood before him massive arms crossed. He stood six feet seven inches tall with a wide large muscular frame. He had heard of the cursed son of King Anu but to see with his own eyes was another story. He wasn’t shocked, no it would take much more to shock the great warrior but it was intriguing to look upon such pale skin and light hair. Chaan’no had no emotion to display or at least show at the moment.
“Look at me son of Anu” he said his voice was deep and strong. Ma’i looked up slowly at him revealing his blue eyes. “Most fascinating” Chaan’no said upon seeing Ma’i’s eyes. Chaan’no could see how maybe one might be afraid of how Ma’i looked but then again Chaan’no wasn’t just anyone and he was the type that knew no fear, or cared very little for superstition.
“How did you find your way into my training hall? My guards should not have let you pass” Chaan’no asked.
“I found a way to sneak past them” Ma’i said lowering his head again.
“Very cunning, the guards however will be punished for allowing you to sneak beyond them!” it was the first display of an emotion that Chaan’no displayed, he was angry.
“Have I offended you great Chaan’no? I so wanted for one such as you to teach me to be a great warrior nothing could stop me!” Ma’i remained low to the ground. Chaan’no turned his back taking a deep breath. Turning back around his face had returned to blank.
“You’ve shown skill son of Anu, and you combined that with dedication. And although I do not agree or condone that you slipped past my security and trespassed; I do however see potential in your eyes no matter how freakish they look!” Ma’i glanced up forcing down his excitement, was he hearing correctly? No one of any importance in T’oku wanted anything to do with Ma’i, yet the legendary Chaan’no held audience.
“Your answer is yes?” Ma’i asked uncertain.
“Yes…” Chaan’no said evenly.