I’ll see how the story progresses but am taking on the task of making a new story that intrigued me to write it after watching a really interesting tv show on ancient African kingdoms. The narrator said that the world knows so much about Rome, Greece and other European countries as well as the world. But Africa seems plagued with just being known for slavery, and AIDS, or the occasional blood diamond war. The interesting part was that the narrator said that Africa has kingdoms so ancient they are just now finding things out about some of these ancient cities that existed long before the world outside Africa existed. It was so interesting to watch I decided to make a fictional city named T’oku. The city is ruled by the might King Anu, with his wife Queen Basi at his side. They have a son born to them who is albino and treated poorly by the kingdom and King Anu himself because of his pale skin, blue eyes, and blondish hair; something not seen in the ancient world of Africa. The story centers around the albino son who in an attempt to gain his fathers favor goes out on a mission to hunt down the Cro-Magnon who have been seen across the sea in a territory that hunters have seen them. The Cro-Magnon want the spoils of the of T’oku . Well anyway I’ll see how this goes. I am going for shock value here, in this story it’s the Africans of T’oku who are bigoted towards Ma’i (pronounced Mah-ee) for having pale white skin. Ma’i will have to deal with this and the many trials and tribulations. In modern times Blond hair, blue eyes, and being white is considered perfection by many, but another show that I watched that dealt with Hitler and his view on Blond hair blue eyes seemed to affect many whites,as if maybe Hitler being so adamant had a point? It’s proven that after Hitler the blond bombshell took over what was before the preferred brunette in movies. Jesus also was given blondish hair and blue eyes when even in the bible it doesn’t say he had blond hair or blue eyes. People of any color in this day and age may feel they don’t live up to this one standard. It’s funny, my mother is Dutch, African American, Swedish, Native American, Italian. She had blond hair blue eyes, so does my brother, and my sister had dishwater blond hair and green eyes. My older son has blond hair as well. Growing up in an all white small town I saw first hand how my white looking brother was more comfortable for whites to look at. I got the light brown dark hair, the females loved it but overall everyone was amazed that my brother was, well my brother. So since the blond syndrome is a sign of “angelic” proportions I thought I’d take a spin on and reverse it. So in the ancient world when mankind was still young superstition would fuel if one looked so extremely different.