The heat of the day started to ebb, the sun above slowly made its way across the sky until finally it began to descend in the horizon; it was becoming night. Dr. Kock as usual walked behind the rest of them always fighting to keep up, he might’ve had a small pot belly but he was far from being what one would call out of shape. Most of the time his thoughts would cause him to slow down and he wouldn’t realize that he was lagging behind until he noticed the others would be pulling away. He didn’t say it but something about this trip was foreboding, an air of certain doom was about it. When he first came across Inshallah and Leo he was on the run from compound six, Law was in close pursuit. It was Inshallah who had defeated the giant Law agent Magnus who was sent out to fetch the doctor, in the end Magnus clashed with Inshallah and she defeated the giant. There had been many other instances that Inshallah had protected Dr. Kock, he always felt protected in every case; but this journey something felt different, a sense of uneasiness. He knew how badly Law wanted him back, there would be greater numbers of soldiers, and agents who were much stronger than Magnus. Inshallah had told him many times that Law was not what he thought they were, that behind those gas masks were humans possessed by demons and that to the human eye it would be possible to notice that possession took place. Dr. Kock knew better than to believe this. He knew better than to believe in such superstitious views, to him Law was no more than men who were very intelligent using the gas masks as an element of fear and mystery. In the entire time that he was employed by Law he had never seen anything that would deem them to be demons. Sure they acted evil as all men had the potential but there was never a show of demonic invisible forces taking fruit. The proof was in Laws endeavors for science, not for the supernatural, and through science Law intended to control the entire worlds population. Dr. Kock had always been a man of science, in his younger days before The Fall he was part of the team who made improvements for the H.A.A.R.P. machine, the name was an acronym High frequency, Active, Auroral, Research program. It was originally designed to communicate with submarines during the Cold War but the Navy saw other limitless possibilities for HAARP. That’s when Dr. Eugene Kock was called in to the Alaska base due to his knowledge on radio waves and the various uses of them. The military took notice of Dr. Kock after he wrote a book on the many uses radio waves could be used as a weapon. Dr. Kock worked on the project for over two decades but then The Fall put a halt on what was to be a new phase of the HAARP machine thanks to great advances in technology. Once there was no longer a government everything went to hell and Dr. Kock went into hiding. Several years after The Fall Law found Dr. Kock in hiding near the main city in the east by soldiers, he would have killed if not for an agent who saw his potential. Dr. Kock was then taken the the capital where several agents of authority spoke with him discovering that he was the scientist who was part of the HAARP project. From the capital he was taken to compound six where he was treated with great respect and was given the easy life of women and luxury. These things were enjoyable, but what he enjoyed most was working as a true scientist again until he realized that in the end he was helping Law create weapons that would do far more damage than any other weapon mankind created. That’s when he discovered other scientists who felt as he did. It was agreed upon by two other lead scientists that they had to flee compound six with Dr. Kock and never return. They all vowed to never work for the evils of science, to aid mankind in positive science. The doctor smiled laughing at such foolishness, he had been on the run ever since he left the compound with no time to ever work in science; even when Inshallah found him they were always on the run. The only time he ever got to work was for the few months back in Shire Village. He reached around patting his backpack, this journey he would not find himself so helpless as the last. Wherever they went, this time at least until he ran out of his bag of tricks there would be contribution from him, maybe then he’d get some respect from the others. Maybe then Inshallah would see him as a hero and shed her clothing just one night to please him. A smile formed as he laughed at the idea of making love to such a beautiful woman knowing full well it would never happen. But it was fun to think it.