“So let me get this straight!” Dr. Kock said sounding very annoyed, his breathing labored. He found it difficult to keep up with the groups walking pace at times, this was one of them. “We’re going to a city, Lord knows which city by the way! And deliver a message to Law?” he adjusted his glasses that kept slipping down his nose from the sweat that had formed on his face, adjusting his backpack which he carried on one arm he stopped when no one answered him. “Look maybe it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to you, but you should’ve kept on walking and never came and got me! Maybe you just want to make Laws job easier!”
Inshallah and the rest of the group stopped she swung around her eyes squinting from sun rays in her eyes.
“You actually think I would take you inside a city of Law?” she commented heatedly.
“Please do…” Leo interjected.
“Well it seems that way! You come and scoop me up and tell me that it’s safer that way for me and the village, then just now after we’re almost a half a day away from the village you tell me we’re all off to see the wizard!” Dr. Kock ranted while waving his hand all about.
“There will be no wizard where we’re going fat man!” Vale said. Dr. Kock was stunned a moment not knowing if he would respond until he snickered.
“You’re too dumb to understand my meaning, my remark is before your time!”
“I know what you speak of cowardly lion!” Inshallah said taking the doctor off guard, he looked quizzically before smiling.
“Well I’ll be damned Dorothy how do you know that story?” he asked, Inshallah wasn’t amused, Leo got the joke because he was linked mentally to Inshallah; but Vale and No Name were left in the cold as they both looked at each other clueless.
“Has the doctor gone mad? You’re name isn’t Dorothy!” Vale said. Inshallah rolled her eyes feeling that this had gone far enough.
“It’s the name of a hero in an old story before the fall” she said then she turned around and preceded walking again. Vale was still confused.
“Wait…” Vale’s eyes twitched with confusion dancing about as his mind tried to understand. “Why are you talking about an old story?” Vale asked. Dr. Kock walked past him shaking his head.
“Forget it…” Dr. Kock remarked, he started whistling we’re off to see the wizard. Vale just looked at No Name, and she back at him befuddled.