And so the journey began under the strict confidence that Inshallah would not tell the others what her mission entailed, they were to only know that they were all headed to the city any city to deliver a message to Law. The angel told Inshallah that Law was aggressively perusing the remaining scientists that had escaped from them and that she was to go to the near-bye village and scoop up Dr. Kock and take him with them. He was the only remaining scientist that had escaped that was not back in Laws clutches. The scientists that had escaped compound six had all been in charge of individual projects and without them the projects would either be postponed for a time which would be an inconvenience to Law, or the project would not take fruit at all. There were three scientists that escaped compound six, Dr Kock who was head of the Armageddon project, a machine that could control the weather and also it was said could control the human mind. Then there was Dr. Vas or better known as the elder once he left compound six; he was head of the Man O War project which dealt with Nanite tech, and bionics that enhanced the human form for combat. And lastly Dr. Prim who was head of the Spartan project which dealt in advanced weaponry. Dr. Prim, and Dr. Vas were captured, only Dr. Kock remained out of the clutches of Law and they hungrily searched for him. The Armageddon project was of great importance to Law as were all the projects, but the Dr. Kock’s project was a part of the puzzle the needed to complete the big picture, it had to be completed; Law’s efforts would be doubled to retrieve the doctor and his valuable knowledge. The journey to Shire Village was only twenty minutes from their camp, it was well hidden because it was not only surrounded by forest but it was also placed in a small pocket of valley that could be covered with brush to keep it hidden if need be from passing war parties of Law or other undesirables. After talking to a few in the village they discovered Dr. Kock was out by the pond, the group ventured to the pond which was not in the valley it was few miles out, when they found him he was standing knee deep in the water looking out onto the surface of the pond when Inshallah approached. She walked up behind him standing on land making sure not to get her feet wet.
“Dr…” she said urgently.
“I know, we have to go” he said somberly. “Law has the others that escaped with me, now they will be trying their damnedest to get me back now…”
“How did you know?” Inshallah asked puzzled.
“Because you wouldn’t be here now otherwise” he sighed deeply. “I was starting to like this place, the peace that I felt here”
“Yea but you’d be putting this village in danger, Law is sending their elite to find you” there was emotion in her voice, the Dr. looked over his shoulder back at Inshallah.
“You didn’t say that they might be which means you have information that backs up what you just said”
“Who told you this?”
“I have my sources”
Dr. Kock slowly strolled out of the water looking the rest of the group over. “Then who am I to question that?” He walked past Leo and the others nodding his head. “And I have to travel with a lady who talks to a mountain lion, and her pupil who talks to a bear! I’m really not looking forward to this!” he threw his hands up frustrated. “We have to go back first, I need to get a few things before we head out!”