“There is a difference between faith and religion” the angel said interrupting Inshallah’s thoughts of revenge; what he said came out of left field not making any sense. “Mankind has always been good at religion since the start of his creation, man is after all a creature of habit. Mankind is always good at following what he has been told, even if what he’s been told is incorrect. You see that’s a religious tendency, to never question what you’ve been told to never seek out the knowledge for yourself; to see if it is truth. Bloody wars have erupted over religious matters. Religious ways are much easier, for it doesn’t require one to be held accountable for ones actions. But faith… Now that is a different situation! For you see faith can only be acquired through knowledge! And then once tested faith remains strong because you know it to be true! A man that knows the truth can’t be toppled like a man who has religious thinking. A man that knows God is a truthful one, but the religious man only knows of God. In my time I’ve seen the masses of mankind and they are religious, only a few seek the truth, for it is easier to do what one wants than follow what the Creator wants you to do. Man fought against man for the supremacy of their religious beliefs not realizing that they lacked faith. Where was God in all of their religious squabble? For God wasn’t the cause or reason for greed, or for hatred, or even the lack of love and compassion for one another, it was the contrary! God wanted mankind to love one another, but instead mankind worshiped their own gods; money, over ambition, or becoming slaves to sin. There was no God, no faith, only religious beliefs. And in the end when the great fall came briefly mankind cried out to its Creator but only briefly”
Inshallah was overwhelmed by what the angel had said. “I understand your point, but why tell me these things?”
The angel finally stopped smiling gazing at her with seriousness. “You will need faith for your journey Inshallah; you will be tested and your faith constantly attacked will you be ready?”
Inshallah gave a serious glare back at the angel. “I am strong, I won’t fail!” she said defiantly.
The angel smiled again. “How religious of you…”