The angel walked with Inshallah for a short time without speaking his arms were crossed behind his back while he looked off toward the sky with a smile, it felt awkward to not have Leo walking along side her so she spoke up.
“What did you want to tell me?” she calmly asked. The angel kept looking toward the sky.
“Teacher was the same way, he always felt uneasy in the presence of an angel” Inshallah smiled upon her Teacher’s name. “It is sad that he fell…” the angel said, Inshallah stopped walking face drawing a blank in disbelief then it turned to pain and anger.
“What do you mean he fell?”
“He failed in his mission and fell at the hands of Law”
Inshallah didn’t like the sound of that, or how it was worded. “Law killed him?” Her voice barely could get it out.
“He was struck down, and now you are asked to take up where he had failed, the mantle must now be yours”
Inshallah couldn’t believe what she was hearing, Teacher was no more; killed by a Law agent according to the angel. She felt numb and unsure, her breathing was labored as if a great weight was on her chest. Teacher, the man who found her when she was lost; the man who helped her find who she was at a time when she was no one. The man she came to know as friend, the man she thought might give her the chance to fall in love. But now he was dead. She lowered her head the tears flowed freely; leaning over she thought she would vomit. The angel placed his hand on her back concern on his face.
“God saw that you were lost, and it was He who sent Teacher to find you. The words Teacher spoke to you so that you would grow and become strong were sent from God. I know you feel great loss, but God is there to fill the void” the angel said consoling Inshallah. She leaned up smacking away the angels hand eyes flowing with tears. “You must be stronger than this Inshallah, or more than just one will be lost in this world” the angels face remained peaceful., Inshallah looked up she was shaking her nerves wrecked. She took a deep breath forcing down her pain clearing her throat.
“Who was the agent who killed Teacher?” she asked forcefully.
“It is not important, the importance is what you must do; where Teacher failed” the angel said almost passively.
Inshallah wiped her tears gritting her teeth, she knew that she would be taking up the same journey that Teacher had. This meant that Inshallah might be crossing paths with the Law agent; and if so it would be time for a little pay back.