Vale had arrived followed by Leo and the brown bear who chose to remain nameless until she found a name that was suitable she used to have a name but decided she wanted to name herself instead of Vale, Leo would mockingly call her No Name. At the moment No Name had no problem with that since what he was saying was true. For a guardian animal companion No Name seemed pretty emotional Inshallah and Leo both thought it odd to be sure. But No Name was a great adversary, her sense of smell and great strength would come in handy. Vale of course shared the skill of the bear but sometimes his brain seemed empty, he asked more questions than what he learned. If he was learning there’d be less questions and more action, but he was a natural fighter and that meant volumes on the battlefield, his instincts in combat made up greatly for what he either failed to understand or just really didn’t try to. At times Inshallah wondered if he just played dumb in hopes that he wouldn’t be expected to remember. He was quite gifted at weapon making and fashioned a claw that tied to his right forearm, there were four claws that spread out from his wrist his hands never touched them which made it easy to grab or slash and kept his left hand free. Vale called his weapon the bear claw, No Name was flattered when he first made the weapon and she giggled whenever Vale talked about his claws or even used them as if they were made to impress her. Leo and No Name always had the most humorous arguments, he was annoyed with her, and she was none the wiser or maybe just didn’t care how Leo felt, either way it was always comical to watch it unfold. Breakfast had been served and eaten in the lower level of the tree house and everyone walked outside and stretched out on the grass. They had all become comfortable with this place, there it was almost like the horrid world outside never existed. Life was just about training and sleeping. The angel walked up standing behind the group, No Name lifted her large head looking back at him.
“You never introduced your friend Inshallah, he seems quite the patient gentleman” No Name replied, Vale got jealous over the compliment thinking that it made the angel look better than him so he stood up macho and all turning his attention to the angel making sure Inshallah saw him.
“Who are you anyway that you just waltz in here to our camp?” Vale’s words were over exaggerated, he was trying to prove that he was a man, Leo noticed this.
“Hey look Vale is a man everyone!” he said while licking his paw.
“He is a man, that’s obvious” No name said, Leo stopped in mid lick his paw still held up while he retorted to No Name.
“Yes I just said that No Name, but what you failed to get is that Vale…”
Inshallah stood up cutting Leo in mid sentence. “Ok enough!” she said knowing what Leo was going to say.
“Has a crush on Inshi…” Leo finished.
“If everyone is finished I would like to start” the angel said patiently and with a smile. Vale wasn’t finished.
“You didn’t answer my question friend!” Vale protested. The angel looked at Inshallah as if he didn’t even hear Vale.
“Shall we go for a stroll Inshallah, there is much to discuss” the angel said softly. Vale didn’t like being ignored, he walked up reaching out his hand, instantly before Vale could react the angel reached out grabbing Vale wrist pulling on it lifting Vale from the ground with ease before throwing him many feet away. No Name didn’t like that one bit, she snarled showing her teeth as she stood up charging the angel. Her law paw rose up she swiped downward at the angel who extended his hand his palm slapped against No Names’ paw stopping anymore downward motion; she was surprised that he had the strength to do this. The angel stepped underneath her lifting her off the ground and tossing her away from him. Vale came to his senses pulling his claw from the side of his waste quickly tying it to his arm.
“Stop it Vale! You can’t beat him!” Inshallah yelled out. Vale continued tying his claw completing the task.
“You really don’t have any faith do you?” Vale said with a frown.
“You really think you can beat an angel?” she replied.
“Now it makes sense!” Leo said. Vale stared at the angel a moment his frown slowly leaving as realization kicked in.
“How didn’t I see it before?” Vale muttered.
“You were too cock for starters, but you should’ve just I should’ve at first but I didn’t” Inshallah remarked. The angel continued to smile.
“Shall we take that walk now Inshallah?” the angel said.