“Wake up Inshallah, the day is young and you’ve many miles to travel before it ages” said a soft voice echoing through Inshallah’s head. She sat up rubbing her eyes looking about the room.
“Leo…? Why are you talking so funny?” she asked, there was only one voice that she ever heard inside her head and that was her mountain lion companion Leo. They were linked telepathically and could speak to one another without the use of sound. But Leo’s voice had a British accent, mainly due to her father having been in England after leaving Pakistan before The Fall, from England he finally settled in the U.S. He always spoke in a British accent to calm Inshallah down when she was a little girl, it sounded soothing to her. And when her father was killed by Law soldiers it was not long after that she had been chosen as guardian. Long story short the host chooses how the companion animal will sound without even thinking about it really.
“I’m not your companion…” the voice resonated inside Inshallah’s head, she turned seeing an older Asian gentleman with short white hair standing beside her bed, he wore a white robe. Instinctively she leapt from her bed she was nude, her leg stretched out with a powerful side kick, the man smiled smacking her leg away with no effort showing that he had great power to do so, she spun slightly falling to the ground before standing quickly her arms guarded. “It’s ok, I will not harm you: in fact if you search your heart you know this to be true” he said, yet his mouth never moved. She looked at him quizzically head tilted slightly.
“Are you…?”
“Yes” he quickly commented. She looked him over for a few seconds before turning her back walking over to the window pushing back one side of the curtains with one hand letting the morning sun shine filling the entirety of the small room. She eyed the forest staring, looking for signs of her friends. Teacher had put her in charge of teaching Vale another guardian who had very little skill when they first met. He had a companion animal a very large brown bear who changed her name so many times Inshallah just stopped asking. Over the last few months since Teacher left Inshallah and Vale had bonded more becoming friends; of course he developed a crush on her but the feeling wasn’t mutual she had a crush on Teacher but had never told him. But she felt it would be time once he came back from his mission.
“You should get dressed, your friends will be back soon from gathering breakfast” the angel said, without turning around she walked over grabbing her clothes.
“I didn’t think my nudity would bother one such as you” she slid into her clothes. She picked up her dagger tying the leather strap that held the scabbard around her thigh.
“Your nudity does nothing for me, nor does it make me feel uneasy; but maybe Vale would be a little flustered upon seeing you nude upon his return”
Inshallah smiled then laughed at the idea. “He lives below me, you know that already I’m sure”
“Why yes but it’s not from below that he will return”
Inshallah felt a shift in the air, she could smell Vale’s scent in the trees. He was making his way back home via the tree tops, he would have seen her naked by accident of course just as the angel predicted.