The air was mixed with darkness and the sprinkles of star dust, it was all around her. There was no sound all was silent. Inshallah wondered where she was, this place was like no other that she had been to; it didn’t even feel real. A robed figure appeared, robe gently rolling and ruffled by unseen wind that can neither be felt or heard. His face could not be seen under the large hood, a read shimmering light slowly swirled in front of him images appeared inside of it.
“Man has always thought they could rule themselves without the aid of God, but unlike the Grand Creator mankind is flawed. And so with man came flawed rulership, flawed ways of living and the eventual full demise of his flawed system of government. Greed was the eventual demise of so called civilization, followed by violence. Men of government went unchecked spending the money of tax payers until finally no money was left, this is what started The Fall as men call it, and truly it was a great fall. It did not stay isolated in America as some thought it would, no for you see greed was rampant . The same actions of one government mirrored the world. Stock markets plummeted, panic rose, law enforcement dwindled for who would protect if there was no pay? Governments failed while chaos succeeded, man could no longer govern himself and The Fall grew in momentum sending the world into limbo. Law rose behind hidden faces yet with great power catering to the recklessness of man, and in this their power grew. Law claimed to bring justice and order back to the world, but as with all governments there was a veil hiding the ultimate goal. The world became a dangerous place, even more so for women who Law put into the sex trade using females as a form of currency. It was the former United States that Law decided to start and grow. And now other parts of the fallen world Law has taken root. There is an agenda, one that only God could see and for this he picked only a handful of earthly warriors to represent him, the side of evil protested pleading that mankind belonged to it and so a bargain was made. If evil could strike down and kill every single guardian then mankind was on his own with no intervention from God. Only a certain number of guardians were picked, and Law hungrily sought them out dwindling the numbers of guardians to only but a few. Be warned Inshallah for the evil of Law is great, dark times lay ahead of you…”