Teacher and Sarah had left the compound, and as they walked they never looked back once. “That Elder is a fool you know” Sarah remarked, Teacher didn’t respond at the moment, he was thinking about all of the men and children that would die, and all of the females that would be enslaved into Law’s sex trade upon their return. After many hours of snaking trough the forest Sarah decided to break the silence again. “Is that the compound?” She asked sounding startled, Teacher turned to her ready to scold her verbally.
“Didn’t I say not to look back…?” His voice trailed off seeing the red haze and smoke filling the sky many miles back, in disbelief he stared. He knew in an instant that it was the destruction of the compound, he had hoped that some got away, that maybe Chiral gave some enough time to escape. “Yes it is the compound” he said softly, Sarah stood beside him they both just stared at the blaze of fire that lit up the night sky merging with smoke and blackness.
“Do you think anyone got out?” she asked.
“I don’t know” he looked away feeling pain tug at his heart. He hadn’t suspected that Law would strike so quickly. “The Elder might be in Laws hand again, everyone might be dead”
“Including Chiral?”
“He was stronger than the others it’s possible he helped others escape along with himself, who’s to be sure”
Sarah nodded her head. “It’s senseless, why didn’t they just listen?”
“I don’t want to talk about it anymore lets just keep walking, don’t look back again, remain silent for a bit so I can clear my thoughts”
Teacher turned walking away lowering his head, Sarah stared a few more seconds before turning and running to catch up to Teacher.