“Teacher…?” she whispered, he was fast asleep near the small fire that he made to keep Sarah warm. She slid up close to him staring at his peacefully calm face. “Teacher” she whispered again but got no response from him. He never slept so soundly, maybe he knew that she was naked and wanted his comfort so he fainted sleep. Her hand slid on his chest, her leg quickly slipped over his body she put all of her weight on him keeping her face close to his. “Wake up please, make love to me” Sarah softly pleaded. Teacher finally opened his eyes. He went to push her off, she completely let her body go limp resting her head at the side of his. “No… Please. Tonight has been stressful make love to me” she said softly. He turned slightly to the side causing part of her body to slide off of him, her arm firmly caught and held hold of the back of his neck. She rushed forward kissing him. For a moment he was dazed, he snapped out of the moment of passion but did not break from her embrace.
“You are not my woman, this would be an immoral sin before God…” He said his eyes low, heartbeat quickening.
“All that are here now is me and you and the heat between us” Sarah said. She reached down between his legs putting her hand inside of his pants slowly stroking his manhood. The sensation caused him to feel drunk as he became erect.
“This is wrong…” He said softly but did not move or attempt to fight back, the feel of her warm body, the touch of her hands and soft skin, her breasts pushing against him it was all engulfing making him dizzy. Even the sound of her voice seemed to be a magical instrument that beckoned him to make love to her.
“Please…” she said softly into his ear, it sent chills up his back, and mixed with what her hand was doing to his manhood he felt he could no longer fight what he had been since he met Sarah. Teacher had never felt the touch of a woman, it was the way of the order of guardians; all that were picked must be a virgin untouched and unsoiled. Everything that he had fought against, to protect his virginity easily melted away with each stroke of Sarah’s hand.
“I want you inside me…” she whispered to him while she quickly slid his pants down and without hesitation mounted him. With skill she gripped his erect penis while mounting guiding him into her. He closed his eyes gasping feeling her warmth. Teacher breathed out rolling his head back and forth as Sarah slowly moved her hips in an artful figure eight fashion, with each sway of her hips bough a new delight; a stronger sensation never felt before. His breathing quickened, his heart began to beat as if he were running terribly fast, Sarah moved her hips quicker as if to keep up with his heartbeat. “Yes, cum inside me…” she said tilting her head back closing her eyes. Teacher began to twitch then tensed up feeling his body gear up working toward his orgasm. She could feel his penis throbbing she smiled with closed eyes. “Yes…” She moaned. Teacher tensed then sat up gripping Sarah’s backside firmly with both hands, she took both of her arms embracing him kissing the side of his neck.
“Oh gawd…” He breathed out from his mouth feeling his orgasmic release. It was the best feeling he had ever felt.
“Mmm, that’s it fill me up” Sarah said. He slowly began to come down from his high ears ringing, and through the ringing he heard Aeros screeching in warning, how did he not hear Aeros speaking to him? He felt disconnected from his companion. He slowly blinked looking up seeing the eagle circle above.
“What have I done…?” Teacher said out loud remorsefully.
“You’ve sealed your fate guardian!” A mans voice said in front of him. Teacher pushed Sarah off of him seeing a Law agent standing there. Teacher rolled over gabbing his swords then stood up not caring that his pants fell down, he quickly kicked them off. “I’m afraid I don’t swing that way guardian, but I am truly flattered” the agent laughed. “Well done Sarah” Teacher glanced over at her his eyes full of shock. “Yes she is one of us! You see, we tried tempting you before but we discovered it was easy for you to strike down a nude woman if she were a Law agent! So we decided to not brand Sarah and then send her into your midst! Granted it took awhile for her magic to work on you but it was well worth the waiting!”
Teacher ran at the agent to attack but found that his supernatural speed was gone, he moved only as fast as a regular mortal could go. From the agents mask in its center shot out a small dagger striking Teacher in the chest, it stung momentarily. The agent easily side stepped Teachers sloppy swipe of his sword before kicking him in the mid-section. Teacher fell to the ground heavily onto his stomach, his breathing was forced. The agent laughed. “Look at the mighty guardian upon the ground with your naked ass in the air!”
“I have failed You my God!” Teacher cried out, he never tried to stand back up he just lay there.
“Yes you have” the agent said mockingly. “There is no need to finish you for the dart that struck your body was poisonous . Within two to three days the poison will have worked its way to your heart at which that point you will surely die! Give or take how much you walk, for that will only cause the poison to work much faster”
Teachers eyes widened. “Charlie…?” He said to himself realizing that the Law agent was the very same who had also killed his friend. There would be no vindication, no revenge, no accomplished mission to the city of Law. Teacher had failed, the cost would be his life.