Sarah grabbed the handle of just one door, she struggled gasping and heaving only opening the door slightly before being pushed back from the other side of the door. Three Law soldiers were pushing the door open as Sarah was pulling. Just as the door swing open another soldier sprang in rushing at Sarah his eyes were crazed his tongue flickered about pervertedly right before his head separated from his body flying a short distance then hit the ground with a bloody thud with blood flickering about from where the neck had once been attached. Teacher stood in front of the headless body his sword finding it’s mark, blood slowly inching down the edge of his blade. The other door was pushed open, and the sound of the soldiers filled the room as they began pouring through the door. Teacher brought both swords to the front.
“Only men? Law sends only men to fetch the scientist?” He rushed toward the group of soldiers his butterfly swords dancing on air with deadly precision cutting down soldier after soldier with Sarah staring in great admiration, she had never seen such a display of skill in the entirety of her life. After about twenty minutes or so the flow of soldiers dwindled until there stood only one. The soldier had lost his courage now that he stood alone he lowered his arms dropping them to his side. “Wise decision soldier” Teacher said standing triumphantly with countless corpses all around him.
“He doesn’t wear one of those damn masks, none of them did” Sarah said.
“They are only foot soldiers as your warrior friend boldly stated before cutting them to pieces!” The Elder said coming from under the desk Chiral staying close to him for protection. Teacher kept his eyes on the soldier who just stood there waiting to see what would happen next.
“Why would they send the weaker to fetch you elder? It doesn’t make sense” Teacher asked, he recalled that Inshallah said powerful Law agents were sent to fetch Doctor Kock, Law was desperate to get all of the scientists that had left the Law compound back to work.
“Maybe Law did not anticipate their soldiers coming across a war god” Sarah said calmly. Teacher glanced over at her quickly his face serious.
“Don’t speak such foolishness Sarah, there is only one God and I am not He!”
“Ok, ok calm down, I was just making reference as to how badly you beat them!” she said defensively.
“I would agree with the lady, after this defeat I doubt Law would ever show their face around here again!” Elder said confidently.
“Are you a fool Elder? Do you actually think that, or are you just in denial? Law will return again and the next time it won’t be foot soldiers it will be agents!”
The Elder smiled waving Teacher off. “By then I will have my defenses improved, besides, I have Chiral!”
Teacher nodded his head in aggravation before turning his attention back to the Law soldier. “Why were you sent here? Keep in mind if I think you are lying your head will leave your body very quickly!”
The soldier put up his hands in a show of submission waving them at Teacher. “We were sent to kill everyone inside this room except for the scientist!” He said nervously. “We were to bring the scientist back alive to be put back to work!”
Teachers brow rose. “Wait… You knew that all of us were here? And how to navigate your way down here?” he asked.
“Yes” the soldier said.
“That means this place has been compromised! We shouldn’t stay here any longer!” Sarah remarked, her voice was irate. Reaching out she grabbed Teachers arm tugging on it trying to actually have him leave at that very moment. There was visible fear on her face as if Law would descend on them at any moment. Teacher looked down at her with a kind smile.
“We will leave this place soon enough, what you say is truth this place has been betrayed” Teacher looked up at the soldier. “Do you know the betrayer?” He asked, the soldier nodded his head no. Sarah looked up anger in her eyes.
“He lies! He works for demons, how could we trust anything that he says!”
“Because what I say is true!” the soldier spoke defensively. “We were only told that a reliable source from inside informed Law that you would all be down here!” he became more nervous and fidgety.
“And you are sure that you were not informed of who this insider was?” Teacher ask.
“No I swear! But whoever it was they knew their way around this place!” the soldier responded.
“There’s only a small handful of people that would know their way down here, this will be quickly resolved” the Elder said. Teacher was dissatisfied with that comment.
“You don’t get it, Law will be back for you and the next time they will get you!” Teacher was angry now.
“You don’t get it, I have Chiral!” The Elder said firmly. Teacher was amazed at the sheer stupidity of what was just said.
“I could’ve easily beaten Chiral, I just wanted him to bring us here, and if I can beat him easily then so can any Law agent” Chiral started to take steps toward Teacher. “Trust me you really don’t want this…” Teacher said cooly.
“Chiral, enough!” The Elder yelled out, Chiral stopped in his footsteps his eyes were trying to strike Teacher down with a stare failing miserably. Putting his double swords back in their sheaths Teacher took sighed deeply.
“Let’s go Sarah, the Elder can deal with this soldier, but I don’t think they’re be able to deal with Law next time around regretfully” he extended his hand out to Sarah, she grabbed it eagerly. The two walked out of the room not looking back once.