Food had been brought in and everyone enjoyed the bountiful feast, the elder insisted that no conversation be held while eating so that everyone could peacefully enjoy the food. Once everyone had their fill and the dishes cleared from the table, Teacher watched the last of the servants exit; he knew that now would be the time he could find out more about the elder. Chiral stood behind the elder with his arms crossed, he was the only one who didn’t eat, he was too busy staring at Teacher.
“So where do you originally come from?” The elder asked looking at Teacher.
Teacher wiped his mouth with both hands with the handkerchief that was provided during the feast before leaning forward onto the table. “From eastern region of the states” Teacher responded.
“The states? As in the United States of America?” The elder laughed. “I haven’t heard any region here be called a state in a long time. In the new world the old names have been replaced with the new. New York is now called Walhalla , it is the largest city the capital of Law. Then there is Orlando Florida which is now called Orion. Then to the west there was once Los Angeles which is now called Mantra” he placed his hand on his chin in reflection. “But I’ve never seen any of those places”
“If I may humbly ask” Teacher smiled while glancing over at Chiral. “Where is your place of origin?”
The elders face seemed to numb. “My place of origin is far removed from memory, deliberately mind you. But where I came to know home was New Haven”
Teacher instantly thought of Doctor Kock recalling that New Haven was where he escaped. “I know of someone that once lived there as well” Teacher said.
“Oh…? And his name?” The elder asked.
“He was a scientist by the name of Doctor Kock, odd that he never gave me his first name” Teacher replied.
“A scientist? How interesting in such a land full of idiots that one with a brain should survive”
“So you knew of him?”
“No I never knew too many when I was there” the elder said seeming to dance around truths, his face was calm but his voice struggled to conceal. Sarah remained quiet noticing that there was a match of wits being played between Teacher and the elder, she chose to remain silent to see the outcome.
“That’s amazing” Teacher said with a giggle.
“And what is that?” The elder responded.
“Oh nothing, it’s just that you wear glasses just as Doctor Kock does. You seem brainy like him”
“Thank you for the compliment but I do not understand your meaning” the elder said. Chiral lowered his arms his eyes slowly fuming.
“The cameras in the hall, the labyrinth maze just to get here; all of it seems like it was well thought out. The guards and Chiral seem to hold you in high reverence not really that big on brains, but you… You seem to be pretty smart, you’re the brains behind this whole operation!” Teachers voice started to become aggressive, Chiral took a step toward him.
“Chiral stand down!” The elder said, but Chiral didn’t listen; his eyes were looking right at Teacher with anger and Teacher just smiled an ornery smile to egg Chiral on more. It was too much for Chiral he ran at Teacher.
“I will humble you again dog!” Chiral yelled out. His fist travelled right at Teachers face, and in the blink of an eye Teachers hand had already intercepted Chiral’s fist catching it. Twisting Chiral’s fist Teacher stood up Chiral writhed in pain falling onto the table.
“Enough of this game” Teacher said. “It’s time I got the answers I want to hear from you elder” his eyes remained calm he stared at the elder easily holding Chiral down on the table with one hand, the elder glanced down at Chiral.
“How are you holding him down?” The elders eyes opened wide with fear, he stood up stepping away from the table backing to the wall. “Are you from Law? Have you come to take me back!?!” He licked his dry lips, eyes darting about.
“So you are a scientist as I suspected aren’t you? But have no fear of me, I’m no warrior of Law!” Teacher said.
“You display great strength and speed, your movement are like the Law agents, if you are not of them then are you cybernetic?” The elder asked.
“No I’m not like Chiral” Teacher said looking down at Chiral before looking back up at the elder, the elders face became excited.
“How did you know?” The elder said.
“I didn’t until know, before it was a hunch. Doctor Kock talked about various projects that Law was working on. He said cybernetic enhancements was one thing that the scientists had almost perfected, but the leading scientist fled along with him and two others from the facility halting the cybernetic project”
“I stole the components, and fled. It was a new form or cybernetics not even needing to perform surgery to the host” the elder walked away from the wall becoming immersed in his words. “The components could be set on various body parts that needed enhanced and within hours it would meld into the flesh! Ground breaking really! Project Chiral was my greatest achievement!” The elder took a deep breath looking up at Teacher who still had Chiral pinned to the table. “Doctor Kock and a few other of my colleagues felt that the technology we created, it was going into the wrong hands! So we fled thinking it would handicap the project Chiral, and project Mind-game”
Teacher looked startled. “The machine of revelation?” He uttered softly.
“Ah… So you truly have spoken with the good doctor, he was the one who named it that; for the machine would truly bring an end to all men. Tell me Teacher, did Doctor Kock tell you what the full capacity of the machine of revelation is? What it is fully capable of?”
“No…” Teacher responded, the way the elder said it made Teacher wonder. What was the true destructive force of the machine? Doctor Kock never went into full detail. “What else can the machine do?”
The elders face went grim. “What it was intended for” the elder said, a beeping noise came from behind the wall where the elder stood. He quickly turned waving his hand over a hidden sensor, two panels the height of the wall slid down exposing several small tv monitors. “We have company!” He pointed to a screen on the right. “They’re, coming through the main entrance; this isn’t good!”
Teacher released Chiral walking over to monitors, he saw a flood of Law soldiers running down the halls making their way toward them.
“Law? But how did they know? This place was hidden!” Teacher said.
“We need to get the hell out of here!” Sarah replied.
“She’s right!” The elder said. “They are navigating the halls as if they’ve been here before we need to go before we’re overrun!” The elder said afraid.
“But what about the others, the villagers? The women will be taken alive and forced into Law’s sex slave trade!”
“They’re here already?” Chiral said pointing to one of the monitors. The monitor went blank followed by a knock at the door.
“What are we going to do? I’ll be damned if I go back into the slimy clutches of Law!” Sarah yelled out.
“Are you still in a fighting mood Chiral?” Teacher said looking over at Chiral.
“Yes!” Chiral said gritting his teeth.
“Good” Teacher said. “Sarah open the door and let our guests in…”