The guard stopped in front of a set of large golden double doors, a camera was above the doors it didn’t rove back and forth like the others it merely stayed fixed in front of the entrance of the doors. The front guard grabbed the long golden handle pulling back on the heavy door he got assistance from the second guard, it took both of them to open it. As the door slowly opened the guards heaved and puffed.
“Wow that’s a really heavy door huh?” Sarah asked.
“Please come in!” A voice said coming from inside, it was the elder speaking.
“Please go in, we will wait out here” one of the guards said.
Sarah had a puzzled look on her face. “You’re not coming in?” she asked.
“It is a sacred place” it was Chiral speaking he stood at the entrance of the open door, his face solemn. He turned looking at Teacher. “I see you are well after our rematch that you so greatly wanted”
Teacher smiled a half smile it showed he was fighting down his ego. “Yes much better thank you. By the way I would like to thank you for treating Sarah with honor” Teacher replied.
Chiral’s eyes were calm yet puffed with pride. “We are honorable men here, you need not be surprised that there are still men of honor in such a wicked world” he said cooly.
“Bring the conversation within my son!”said the elder yelling out to Chiral. Chiral stepped aside extending his arm inviting Teacher and Sarah inside, Teacher looked over at Sarah slightly bowing.
“Ladies first…” Teacher said with a smile. Sarah seemed to blush as she walked past Teacher, she stopped in her tracks once inside her eyes wide like a child; Teacher walked up behind her.
“Wow…” she muttered. The room was larger than expected, only a few long tables that seated twenty or so people were lined up beside each other. The room was quite fancy with paintings on the wall, a Chrystal chandelier hung in the center lights flickering around it brining light throughout the room. An older looking man with a bald head and mustache and a pair of glasses sat at a separate table at the front of the room smoking a pipe, he stood up walking down to them. Chiral grabbed the handle of the door and with one arm he closed it effortlessly behind him. The elder walked up extending his arms in greeting.
“Welcome guests!” he said with a hearty smile.
“You are the elder?” Teacher asked with a serious face. Chiral moved quickly between Teacher and the elder defensively.
“Do not address the elder, he will be the one to ask the questions!” Chiral yelled out. Chiral stood in a fighting stance, the elder placed his hand on Chiral’s shoulder.
“At ease Chiral, it has been a long day for both of you; now is not the time to create further tension” the elder said calmly and with a smile.
“I am humbled by your wisdom elder” Teacher said before bowing. Chiral relaxed his guard lowering his arms to his side. The elder gave Teacher the once over before smiling again.
“Please come, sit down and let us eat and talk making this a time to get to know one another”