They walked along candle lit halls with orange mating with black dancing on the ceilings. Escorted by two guards that were unarmed they silently made their way no words spoken. This gave Teacher time to formulate plans and ideas for escape if it came to that. It was Sarah who finally broke the silence.
“It looks like we’re going deeper underground, where are you taking us?”
The guard in front of her turned looking back but continued walking. “The dining chamber, it is further below. Most of our village is underground it’s safer that way. The only thing that isn’t underground is the building you came through”
“So the village is connected by underground corridors?” Sarah asked.
“Yes, a small labyrinth, if you don’t know your way around you will be lost for a few hours trying to find your way out” said the guard. “And in this way we have a form of protection”
As they walked along the hallway Teacher looked up seeing a camera that was placed up in a corner rove back and forth, Sarah noticed the cameras as well but had never seen one before. She pointed at it when they were near the camera then passing it.
“What is that?” Sarah asked, the guard that had commented before spoke up.
“It is the Elders eye” he said in awe of it.
“Is it alive?” Sarah asked. “It moves as if so”
“It carries the essence of the Elder and allows him to see through it, his eyes are through all of the corridors; he keeps us safe”
“Wow, so this Elder is a god?” Sarah asked.
“No but he does possess great power. It is he who protects us and anoints a chosen giving the anointed great strength”
“Like Chiral?” Teacher interjected.
“Why yes” said the guard with a smile. “He protects us from outside evil”
The more Teacher listened the less he liked this place.