He could no longer bear riding the horse with Sarah so he opted for a much better solution; he held the horse by the reigns pulling it along while Sarah sat upon it. This worked wonders for Teacher he felt like this great burden was lifted from him, his mind set on a mission to find a place for Sarah to call home. He knew that he couldn’t veer from his true mission but along the way if a place could be found for her that would be good too. In this way he would be focused on a task at hand and not his flesh. Sarah looked around with frustration and confusion.
“Where are we headed, I mean is there a place we’re going that you have in mind?”
“I was hoping we’d come across a village but so far nothing” Teacher said making sure to keep his eyes forward.
“A village? For what reason? Food? Lord knows I am starving” she brushed away her hair with a giggle, it was the first time Teacher had heard her laugh, perhaps that was a good sign.
“If we come across honorable people food would be one thing we need” he said.
“What else?” Sarah asked. He gave it some thought before speaking.
“You need a place to stay, it’s too dangerous out here for you”
“So in other words you’re just looking for a place to dump me!” the smile from her faced wiped away in an instant of hearing Teachers words, she mumbled under her breath cursing.
“Look” he paused a moment to sigh, keeping his eyes forward he continued. “Where I’m going, it’s just not safe for you!”
“So you have a plan then, are you seeking revenge for your fallen friend? This would be the perfect journey for me, I would like to be the one giving out punishment for a change rather than always getting it!”
Teacher stopped walking, turning to Sarah he looked up at her he was serious . “You aren’t a warrior, you wouldn’t stand a chance against the ones I have to go against”
“And you are a warrior? Do you have the power to stop whoever it is your talking about? Are you planning on going up against Law? If so don’t you think two is better than one?” she said angrily, Teacher just nodded his head.
“You don’t get it” he said softly.
“You don’t get it, you’re talking nonsense! You’re planning on rising up against Law by your damn self! I could help! Sure I’m no warrior but I have heart, I know I don’t want life to be like it is now! And I know it’s just the two of us but maybe we would inspire others to join us!”
“It is not needed” Teacher calmly said. Sarah just looked at him bedazzled, eyes and mouth wide open in disbelief at to what he’d just said to her. Teacher turned gripping the horses reins gently tugging. Sarah’s eyes balled up with tears.
“I don’t get you! I really don’t!” she yelled. Teacher stopped in his tracks raising his hand in a manner to hush her. She looked up upon hearing Aeros screech, the eagle was just off to their right. The eagle made a dive bomb right for the bushes near bye clipping something as he rose back up into the sky. To Sarah’s surprise she heard a man grunt in pain where Aeros has swooped down, and he jumped out of the bushes, he was hooded, face half covered. Teacher wasn’t as startled as Sarah, he knew the man had been there thanks to Aeros; he started addressing the hooded man.
“Who are you and why were you hiding there?” Teacher was giving the man the opportunity to be peaceful if intentions were not well, he knew he had the power to easily dispel a human.
“I am Chiral, is that your bird? It attacked me!” Chiral looked up showing his face, his eyes full of rage. Teacher remained calm almost uninterested in the fact that Chiral was angry.
“Calm yourself, hiding in the bush looked like ambush to Aeros and to me as well”
“It wasn’t an ambush I was sent out by the elder to intercept! It is my task to protect my people from Law, and other evil men!”
“You a protector?” Sarah scoffed, Chiral didn’t take the disrespect too well.
“Look here woman, I am a servant of God ordained by his venerable servant the elder!” Chiral belted out. Teacher placed his hands on his swords stepping in between Sarah and Chiral protectively. “So you are a guardian?” Teacher asked knowing full well Chiral was none of the sort. Chiral stood defiant his chest puffed up with pride.
“Indeed…” Chiral said most arrogantly, it was now Teacher who laughed.
“Then let us tangle if but a few moments to test your might” Teacher said.
“If it is your wish!” Chiral said. He bolted at Teacher with inhuman speed swinging his first punch at Teacher who was taken by surprise almost getting punched in the face. Teacher smacked away Chiral’s fist feeling the sting of Chiral’s second fist hit right into his stomach. It was solid lifting him slightly off of the ground. Teacher fell to his knees gasping for air. He cursed himself for his own arrogance while slowly standing. Taking a few breaths he composed himself.
“Now you know the power of a true servant of God!” Chiral said proudly.
“So you say…” Teacher said calmly. “But if you may, let’s please try again”