A few days passed by, Teacher had finally began holding conversations with Sarah. The first day of travel he stayed silent for the most part, it was awkward being in the company of a female, of course there was Inshallah but she was a student someone that he was teaching, there was a mission a cause that needed to be done. With Sarah there was nothing, and for the past few days all he could do was fight down this passion in his loins. She was naked underneath the jacket that he gave her and he’d seen her in all her nude glory. The heat between their two bodies as she held onto his mid section was a constant reminder. At times he found he was frustrated angry with himself for easily feeling so sexually weak, he was a virgin never knowing the pleasures of a woman. This was how it was for any of the guardians, all were virgins hand picked by God for their mission to wage battle with Law, and now he was realizing the fact that he was human, a man with sexual desires that had always been kept in check. Teacher was always busy with seeking out guardians that needed to be trained or merely fighting against Law himself, there was never any time to stop and think or even remotely feel thoughts of pleasure. He thought for sure that Sarah was sent by Law but over time after talking with he realized this wasn’t so. She was just a victim like many in this corrupt world. It was funny that Teacher had no temptation from the Law agent that was naked but that was easy, the gas mask told him she was demon possessed, there was nothing but an enemy in front of him not a beautiful naked woman. Sarah’s innocence and personality made her appealing and in this made him feel even more guilty. Sarah didn’t know that he wrestled with these thoughts she was too busy just trying to survive, Teacher felt so perverted and it started to drive him mad . At times it was Aeros his eagle companion that would keep his mind straight, but after awhile he started to cut off conversation with him. The guilt turned into shame building inside. Soon Teacher hoped that they would come across a village, anyone really who was trustworthy enough to take Sarah out of his care. This was his biggest battle to date, who would have thought that it would be a war of the flesh?