Upon seeing no threat Teacher took his jacket off and tossed it to Sarah. “Here put that on” he said. She caught the jacket then almost let it go causing her to fumble around as the jacket slid down the side of the horse. Teacher turned around out of respect, Sarah pulled the jacket up then proceeded to put it on. “Why don’t you seem to be afraid?” Teacher asked.
Sarah slid off the horse tying the front of the jacket up, it was large enough to cover her entire body going halfway down her thigh fitting loosely on her. “Excuse me?” She asked.
Teacher turned upon realizing that she was now fully covered up. “You’re riding a horse out here in the wilderness naked, and you already fled a Law search party once. Don’t you think that another will find you?”
Sarah forced a smile doing a horrible job at it showing forms of trauma mentally. “I don’t know really…” Her voice trailed off, looking away Teacher saw shame in her face.
“I’m quite sure you’ve been through a lot, you don’t need me adding to your stress” he changed subjects. “Where are you from if you don’t mind me asking?”
Sarah kept her gaze away from Teacher. “Not from around here, I lived someplace else but my mother said going west was safer”
“And where did you originally come from North or from the south, or east?”
“I don’t know, I really don’t even know what west is” she let her hair trickle down over her face. “But I do know it was better than here, and if this is west this is where hell is!” Her voice shifted to anger. “I lost everything here! My mother! My little sister! They both were killed here!”
Teacher gave a solemn look staring at Sarah’s face. “I’m sorry to hear that but hell is everywhere in the world. We’ve all lost someone”
Sarah noticed the grave behind Teacher. “Where they a family member?” She asked.
“No he was a friend, a very good friend ”
“I’m sorry for your loss but I lost a lot more than just a friend” she turned looking to the ground.
“I lost my father and mother when I was just a kid so forgive me if I don’t join your pity party” Teacher said firmly. Sarah started crying softly her shoulders shuddering, it made him feel guilty for causing her to cry. Walking up to her he rested his hand on her shoulder. “Look, I’m sorry. I’m just a little upset right now”
“Yea I get it” she said raising her head but keeping herself turned away from him while she pushed his hand off of her shoulder. Teacher walked over grabbing the reigns of the horse.
“It’s no jeep but better than walking” he looked over at Sarah. “I got spoiled not having to walk, you don’t mind if we share the horse do you?”
Sarah gave a funny look her brow crunched to the middle of her head, lips puckered like an innocent girl, it was appealing to Teacher and he recognized this and shut down the emotions that started to stir while he looked at her. “I see you have those swords, even though they aren’t guns you’re better protection than no protection”
Teacher shut down his emotions, the part of him that made him a man. He began muttering a prayer to keep his mind pure and focused on what he was sent to do by God. After his prayer he instantly felt better. “Let’s go then shall we?” He put his foot in the stir up leaping up onto the horse, he reached down pulling Sarah up once she extended her hand to him. He looked up seeing Aeros perched on the tree, the eagle was resting so he decided to head off; Aeros could easily catch up later.