Teacher sat crossed legged his hands testing on the inside of his legs, he was hunched over head low. Charlie was buried in front of him in a grave that took several hours to dig. With Teachers new found strength and speed it could’ve easily been done in less time but his thoughts distracted him to to a turtles pace. He played back in his mind what happened. Teacher woke upon feeling something was wrong only to look over seeing Charlie lean forward onto the steering wheel of the jeep, he reached over to grab the wheel but the jeep had already started to roll, as the jeep turned into its first flip Teacher leapt out effortlessly rolling to the ground before standing up to helplessly watch the jeep continue in its roll before tossing Charlie out as well. Teacher already sensed that the life had gone out of him before his body was tossed about on the ground snapping his neck, but it just seemed wrong that it happened. He’d heard Charlie talk so much about dying he was used to it, feeling that day wouldn’t be anytime soon but that was a lie.
He hadn’t realized until now that he’d come to enjoy Charlie’s company, he had a way about him that seemed to grow on you. Last night Teacher learned much about Charlie things he didn’t know such as him working for Law as a sniper, it all made sense now as to how Charlie knew how to get into the gas station. Through the night it was Charlie who poured about his life story ending with his confrontation with the Law assassin, for Charlie it was something to pass the time the usual distraction to ease his mind. They laughed often and disagreed even more but Teacher came to call him friend. Teacher chose a grave sight off the road deeper in the forest near a small stream, a peaceful place to lay Charlie to rest. Sun rays beamed through the trees this place was truly serene, Teacher reached down patting the top of Charlie’s grave staring out at the peaceful setting a grin coming to his face. “This is for you buddy”
The grin left his face just as he caught sight of what Aeros was seeing while the the large eagle circled above. Teacher took a deep breath waiting, minutes passed until the sound of horse hooves could be heard approaching, the sound became louder until it stopped right behind him, he kept his head low his eyes closed.
“You’ve come at a bad time for you Law soldier! I’ve just buried a friend and am in need to get out some steam!” His voice was calm yet firm.
“Law…?” She said quizzically. “I can assure you I’m no part of them or anyone for that matter!”
Teacher stood up turning, he wasn’t surprised that he saw a naked woman sitting upon a coffee brown horse. “It’s seems to be an occurring thing sending naked women to confront me”
“I’m no warrior far from it, how will I fight with no weapons? I have nothing. I fled a Law search party after being caught days ago, when they discovered I was a virgin they stripped me naked and bathed me then began fighting over who would have sex with me first. They ended up shooting and killing each other leaving me this horse”
Teacher looked her over sensing she was telling the truth, forgetting that she was naked. He didn’t see a red pitchfork tattoo on her hip, it was a brand that Law put on all women who became willing servants, that meant she wasn’t one of them. “What is your name?” He asked.
“Sarah…” She said.
“Well Sarah you’re either a very lucky woman, or God is truly with you”