Charlie ducked closing his eyes waiting to hear the gun fire right before feeling the penetration of the bullets, instead he heard grunting and scuffling. Looking up he saw Teacher making quick work of the soldier; he moved so fast it almost seemed like a blur, it was unreal the way Teacher moved. For a moment Charlie reflected on when he saw someone move so fast, the Law assassin that came to kill him, he moved like Teacher. With a few silent strikes Teacher easily killed the soldier who fell to the ground lifeless. Teacher glanced over at Charlie.
“I see you’ve been busy”
Charlie took a deep sigh of relief. “You followed me here?”
“I sensed something wasn’t right, let’s just say I caught up to you”
“What are you?” Charlie asked with a beguiled look on his face, Teacher turned the other direction crouching.
“I’m sure we both have questions that need answered once we finish whats going on upstairs, can you use a gun?”Teacher whispered. Charlie seemed dazed he took a moment to respond.
“If it’s a gun with a scope yea, hand guns not so much. My eye sight started messin with me last year and this poison’s not helping any” Charlie lowered his head feeling the weight of his situation, he felt less of a man nothing like he once was.
“Hmm, then stay here I’ll handle things upstairs” Teacher said reaching down picking up the dead soldiers hand gun, he rose tossing it to Charlie. “You still might need this, hold onto it” he kept his eyes up the stairs in case someone else came. Charlie barely caught the weapon fumbling it around before getting a firm grip.
“They’re armed…” Charlie said.
“So am I…” Teacher pulled back his jacket revealing his butterfly swords.
“With guns…” Charlie emphasized. Teacher glanced back briefly with an ornery smile.
“If it makes them feel safer, but in the end it will only be a false sense of security” Teacher started to make his way up the stairs he stopped momentarily looking back at Charlie before flicking the light switch off. “When I yell down it’ll be safe to come up, not a moment before!” Teacher sternly instructed, then in the blink of an eye he was silently up the stairs out of view. Charlie sat patiently waiting in the dark holding the gun in his hand. The time alone in the made him think about the similarities in how fast Teacher moved, and the Law assassin. He didn’t realize it but his memory began floating back to the end of his confrontation.
Charlie remembered standing there, he could feel the chill of the night on his skin; the moon was so large and round, the biggest he’d ever seen it. The assassin had already dodged two of his shots Charlie never missed, and now the assassin stood before him mockingly asking him to shoot a final time. It was how it was worded to him that sent chills through him as if the assassin knew that Charlie wouldn’t make the final shot. Charlie licked his dry lips bringing up his rifle, closing one eye he looked into the scope bringing the the assassin dead center. Charlie pulled the trigger, the bullet rushed out of the barrel with a bang racing toward the intended target. The assassin stood motionless until the bullet was upon him making Charlie initially think he was going to make the shot. With unbelievable speed he side stepped letting the bullet pass by, from the center of the assassins gas mask shot a small dart that Charlie didn’t even see until he felt a sting at the center of his chest. Looking down he saw a small black dart, quickly he pulled it out feeling great burning in his chest; the assassin laughed.
“It only burns initially” the assassin said raising his arm pointing at Charlie’s chest. “It will fade, then you will in four days, maybe five if you don’t walk too much. That causes the poison to work much faster. You will know when you’re at the end when your vision is gone” In one leap the Law assassin was gone disappearing into the darkness.
Charlie touched his chest rubbing at the center with the tip of his index finger not even realizing it, his mind still in that moment as if the dart had just struck him again; the darkness and silence of the basement did only to make his dread heavier on his mind.
“You can come up now!” Teacher yelled down. “They’re all dead”
Charlie walked up the stairs his head was low, he had lied to Teacher about his sight, only just this morning did he find that his vision bothered him. Teacher saw the look of depression on Charlie’s face, he patted him on the back to console without saying a word. “Oh…” Teacher reached inside his jacket pulling out a pair of glasses. “I found these by the gas pump. Maybe they can help your vision” Teacher extended his hand out giving the glasses to Charlie. “Lets get the gas we need and get the hell out of here, lots of miles to make up”
Charlie put the glasses on startled how it did help his vision more than he thought. He staggered outside looking up at the star filled sky, he took a deep breath then exhaled. He walked out past the gas pumps staring out, there was a smile on his face. At least for a moment he felt good. He planned on making sure this place was razed to the ground after they got what they needed. It was after all where it all started to change for him, when death came hunting and found him one night as he slept. And ever since the two had been companions.
“Companions till the end…” Charlie said under his breath.