The sun had slowly gone down, hours passed and Charlie was below the gas station after carefully seeking out the manhole that got him underground and past the eyes of the Law soldiers. He made his way in pitch blackness feeling along the wall; his progress was so slow it took him hours to make it to where he was now. It took another forty minutes to quietly pry open the manhole lid to gain access into the station basement. It had been some time since Charlie was here which is why it took so long for him to find the manhole to gain entry into the sewage system, and the knowledge of where the manhole even was he wanted to keep to himself; he didn’t know how Teacher would feel about Charlie knowing how to get into the station, such information was truly suspicious. The past was the past Charlie chose not to dwell, it had been years since he sat foot in this place and he thought never to return until now. How funny, ironic really that he was back in the place where he gained a conscious so many odd years ago. He was never cut out to be a Law soldier but his marksman skills were sought out in an organization almost devoid of a skillful shooter. The temptation was too great, to never starve again or worry about being attacked by others trying to survive, it was a pleasing thought indeed. Who would oppose Law? No one. So Charlie made the decision to be a Law sharp shooter, and things were good at first he never had to kill anyone innocent; it was always thugs who tried to take over areas already controlled by Law. No matter how powerful Law was there was always the occasional dumb ass who had his own gang who in turn thought he could be the grand leader and take over an area to rule. Life was good for Charlie for a time, food, wine and women in mass amounts.
But then he was assigned to the northwestern sector and was sent to this very gas station. Bandits not controlled by Law had successfully stolen gas several times from this station it was a pretty cut and dry job. Shoot and kill any who approached without proper clearance. Charlie had impressed his superiors with he shooting skills killing four bandits in just the first two days. A Law search party had brought a pregnant woman to the station , her husband had been killed as well as her four year old son. Law decided to kill her unborn child then put her to work as a sex slave. Charlie frowned thinking back on that moment, it was when things changed for him; when he grew a conscience. He helped her to escape that night through the manhole getting her far from harms way only to find that she’d been shot in the back during the gun fight at the station she had been bleeding internally. He didn’t know how to save the baby so both had died. Charlie felt a great sense of failure that night and the guilt of working for Law was too much for him. He was marked for death by Law but they could never find him, he hid well and easily picked off bounty hunters with his rifle. Until a higher ranked assassin found him, he’d never met any that wore the gas masks until now, but he’d heard of their amazing prowess and great feats of skill. He had heard that they wore gas masks strange enough and that always made him wonder why. He was gently nudged by the assassins foot as he slept, upon waking he looked up seeing a short thin man wearing all black with a gas mask upon his face; he knew instantly that it was one of the true warriors of Law. He reached over to grab his gun instinctively silently and effortlessly the assassin leapt backwards into the air landing a few feet away. “So I’ve heard that you’re a good shot with that” the assassin pointed at Charlie’s gun. “Go ahead, take your best…” Charlie didn’t hesitate, he pulled the rifle up shooting without even saying a word. The assassin side stepped on the first fire, on the second he slipped to the other side slightly twisting his upper body letting the bullet fly past his arm. Running quickly at Charlie he grabbed the rifle with one hand at its center and while holding the rifle he struck Charlie in the stomach sending Charlie onto his back. The Law assassin laughed softly glaring down on Charlie. “You took two shots, you will have one final chance to hit me” tossing the rifle at Charlie the assassin beat his chest once with one hand. “Right here big boy, last chance!”
Charlie’s walk down memory lane stopped upon hearing footsteps coming down the stairs he looked around for a place to hide there was none. The lights flicked on just as a Law soldier walked into the room, he was startled by Charlie’s presence quickly recognizing from earlier that Charlie was one of the men he had seen through the high powered binoculars. He reached down pulling out his gun pointing it at Charlie who raised both hands.
“Ok I give up!” Charlie yelled out. The soldier gave a wicked glare.
“I didn’t ask for your surrender…” The soldier said coldly.