The hum of the jeep relaxed Teacher to the point of slumber it was well past noon moving later into the day. Charlie didn’t bother to wake him, it seemed that Teacher was in need of sleep. As for Charlie, well he hadn’t slept in days what was the need; soon he’d be sleeping for eternity and never wake up there would be plenty of time for that soon. His eyes were low showing the stress behind them of the knowledge that he was going to die within a day or so, he was told after he was shot by the dart that he would have four maybe five days to live; that was three days ago. He didn’t like to show it to Teacher but the looming dread of what was to come for Charlie at times was too much to bear. Silence would bring on the negative causing his mind to wrestle with reality, it was a welcome thing that Charlie came across Teacher; it was a much needed distraction. And now as Teacher slept depression settled heavy in Charlie’s mind there was no conversation to chase away the desperation. A flicker of light further up the road caught his attention, gasping he slammed his foot on the brakes knowing full well what it could be. Reaching under the seat he pulled out a pair of binoculars, Teacher sat up rubbing his eyes sensing something was wrong, his eyes honed in on what was far off into the distance seeing what only Charlie could see with binoculars. It was a gas station off to the side of the road, there were two men holding guns another had a pair of binoculars, Charlie and Teacher found that he was looking at them, that was the flicker of light Charlie had seen; light bouncing off of the lens of the Law soldiers binoculars. Why hadn’t Aeros discovered these men Teacher wondered, but quite possibly the men weren’t at the gas station when Aeros passed by a day ago. It was time to call back his eagle Aeros needed to stay in closer proximity for situations like this. Had Aeros been near Teacher would have known about this gas station. The three men were heavily armed Teacher could see automatic weapons with them which meant that they were there protecting the gasoline at the station.
“I see they have guns, which means they have gas there” Charlie said while looking through the binoculars. “But the trick is getting to it. We ain’t getting past them guns”
“What is strange is that they aren’t coming after us although they know we’re here but it makes since when I think about it” Teacher said.
“How so” Charlie turned to Teacher surprised. “Hey wait a minute how are you able to see them? As far away as they are?”
Teacher kept his eyes on the soldiers. “I have acute vision” Teacher said flatly.
Charlie didn’t understand it nor was he trying to, not right now. He was more concerned at the moment with finding a way to get gasoline from that gas station. “I get your point on why they ain’t coming after us. They’re guarding the station”
“Yes, it seems it’s a way point for Law soldiers to refill their vehicles”
“Which means they got a vehicle parked behind that station” Charlie’s face lit up. “Hey we might be able to get an upgrade!” he realized something before patting the jeep on the dash consolingly. “Eh… I think I’ll just keep you till the bitter end Harlot”
Teacher seemed disturbed by the name Charlie gave the jeep. “Harlot?”
Charlie smiled widely. “Yea, see she lets any man ride her and don’t care” he started laughing. Both men reacted to gun fire in the distance by lowering themselves, the laughter quickly stopped. One of the Law soldiers had started firing a sniper rifle, fortunately he wasn’t any good. One bullet ricocheted off the hood of the jeep, it was the only one that even came close. Charlie backed the jeep up speeding off down the road. “We have to find a way to get up there without being seen, we need that gas or we ain’t gonna make it much further with Harlot here!”
Teacher instructed Charlie to pull off the side of the road when he did so he further listened to Teachers advice on pulling into the cover of the trees. The gas station was out in the open there was no cover. Once they were safely under the cover of the trees Charlie put the jeep in park. “Turn off the jeep, conserve the gas!” Teacher said. Charlie turned the jeep off.
“Now what’s the plan?” Charlie licked his lips.
“Now we wait for Aeros” Teacher replied.
“Aeros? So you got back up! But wait how does your buddy Aeros know where to come? We don’t have any means to get ahold of him!”
Teacher smiled. “Trust me Aeros will know where to come, he’ll be here”
“But how?!?” Charlie tossed his hands up frustrated.
“Just shut up and trust me, what have you got to lose?” Teacher said.
Charlie nodded his head. “I’ve already lost it so what the hell”
“Good so now we wait” Teacher laid his head back on the seat resting. “You might want to get some rest” Charlie didn’t respond he jumped out of the jeep. “Where are you going?” Teacher asked.
“Just for a walk I’ll be back, just want to explore the area”
“You sure that’s such a good idea?”
“It’s not a bad idea” Charlie said. “Go ahead and rest up won’t be gone long.
“Ok…” Teacher said his voice emphasizing that he questioned Charlie walking around with Law so close. Teacher closed his eyes then took a deep breath.