It was interesting for Teacher to be driving in a jeep, he’d never driven inside a vehicle ever. The wind blowing past him making his clothes ruffle, the sky above him felt so different it was like he was floating this felt good. He looked over at Charlie who had a boyish grin on his face one hand lazily placed on the wheel his body slightly hunched forward his large white mustache dashing about at the tips, you could tell that he was enjoying being out here on the road driving there was a sense of peace to it all. Charlie looked down at the gas meter. “I better pull over and put some more petrol in her” Charlie slowed down then came to a complete stop but kept the jeep running. Hopping out he walked to the back of the jeep, Teacher looked on curiously. Charlie grabbed a large gas container that was sitting in the back, leaning over to pull it out he broke the silence. “We’ll need more gas after this” he opened the gas cap with one hand the placed the gas container close to the opening, he didn’t have a funnel so it was a messy ordeal getting the gas into the jeep but Charlie tried his best to get as much fuel in that he could. Teacher could smell the fumes in the air as it splashed about, Charlie titled the container as high as possible as the remaining fuel poured out making sure to get any that remained. “Let’s see how far this gets us”he said under his breath, tossing the empty container in the back of the jeep he hopped into the drivers seat. Looking down at the gas meter he nodded his head with a raised brow. “Let’s keep our eyes out for anywhere we can get more gas, we are so gonna need it” he took off down the road looking a little serious it was obvious the fuel situation troubled him some, but after a few minutes back on the road the boyish smile returned. “I never got your name Mister” Charlie asked. Teacher leaned his head slightly glancing over at Charlie.
“Teacher” he said knowing it would spark more questions.
“Teacher?” Charlie’s face lit up with the appearance of watching someone do the most foolish thing. “So is that really your name? That’s more of an occupation than a name really” Charlie kept looking at Teacher waiting for the response all the while driving down the road without even looking forward. Teacher wasn’t looking at Charlie but he knew he was starting at him.
“I am a teacher, my birth name doesn’t matter anymore” Teacher responded, Charlie just kept staring, it started to unnerve Teacher. “Ok could you look at the road instead of at me? We could crash!”
Charlie kept staring. “Death is sitting right behind me, what is a little crash going do to me that he is already eagerly waiting to do?” He straitened his body looking forward. “Although your death would be on my head if you died in the crash so you have a point”
It was Teacher’s turn to ask a question. “Where do you come from?” He asked.
“A long time ago I pushed out of a vagina from what I was told” Charlie kept a straight face. Teacher could see that learning anything about Charlie other than his name and that he was dying from a poison arrow would be the only information that he was going to get. “You seem to have a set mission in mind if you’re going into the city I’d say” Charlie said.
“I’ve always wanted to see the city, maybe catch a movie or something, my life’s dream; that’s why I’m going” Teacher said giving back the same brand of secrecy that Charlie gave to him. Charlie raised a brow then a smile followed.
“How about I go with you to the city, if I make it that long. I’ve always been fond of movies”
The jeep pushed on down the lonely road humming along in the afternoon sun.