It seemed forever that Teacher walked on the road sometimes forgetting that he was making a deliberate journey to a city, any city, the first city that this road would take him to. Strange how the road was such a dangerous place to travel on even just walking near it, yet Teacher had yet to see anyone on it for the past few hours. Aeros had flown ahead to scout for possible danger, Teacher felt alone. He had no problem with feeling this way and many times he preferred it save for his companion Aeros he enjoyed being alone, with people always came drama. He did have an exception and that was his favorite pupil Inshallah. Behind him he heard the sound of an engine he stopped to turn around walking closer to the edge of the road to make sure he’d be seen; the silence seemed to make him crave a fight, maybe whoever was approaching would give him what he craved. Why was he so edgy, he never craved to fight. Maybe it was the mission itself that egged on his emotion. He stood patiently waiting his hand laying on the top of his sword that rested on his hip, maybe it was his new found power that made him feel this way he felt invincible. He hadn’t noticed it before but now he could feel it; he was stronger the angel’s words reflected in his mind: “God has increased your power, it will be needed against the rising numbers of Law soldiers and warriors that have been sent out to hunt down and kill the remaining guardians”
It was like a light going off in his head, now he understood what the angel meant. Sure it was quite simple to understand to begin with but Teacher had been lax with understanding the angels meaning after all he was more focused on the task at hand. Teacher had been given more power to deal with Law; he felt when he fought the demon he could have ended the fight at any time. This meant he would be able to fight stronger demons and win, he was charged up from this notion feeling even more eager to get to a city. It was time to show them what he could do. Teacher snapped back to the world around him upon seeing the vehicle come to a stop the engine remained idle. It was a rusty old green jeep with the top completely gone, an older looking man sat behind the wheel staring at him, there was a cigar in his mouth. His pale leathery skin seemed abused by the sun, he wore a soldiers uniform that was battered and dirty; upon his head was an old German soldier style motorcycle helmet. An uncut large white mustache was on his upper lip making him look quite the comic. He took the cigar out to speak.
“Only a fool walks on the road anymore, only a criminal frequents the devils freeway. Which are you, a fool or a criminal?” The man asked. Teacher stood his ground giving the driver a once over suspiciously.
“I am neither thief, or fool. But since you call this road the devils highway maybe you are a demon that is driving back to it’s master?”
The driver laughed dryly then coughed behind it. “No, no…” He leaned back in the drivers seat relaxed not seeming to have any agenda. “I’m just a man trying to enjoy his last few days is all”
“How do you know you’re dying?” Teacher asked.
“Well that’s easy, the tip of a poison dart found a home right there” he looked down opening his shirt to reveal dirty skin and a small infected area near his sternum.
Teacher glanced down inspecting the wound. “You should have that cleaned to prevent infection”
The man laughed. “It’s too late for that, poison has already entered my blood stream affecting my heart; I might have days left but feels more like hours”
“How’d you get the wound, who shot you with the dart I mean?”
“The names Charlie by the way…” he cut in with a different direction momentarily. “As for the what and the who it no longer matters does it? I’ll be dead and no one will care or matter why it happened”
Teacher gave a look of curiosity. “If that’s the way you look at it, then there would be nothing that I could do to dissuade you from telling me what occurred”
Charlie wiped sweat from his brow placing his sweaty fingers on the steering wheel. “We can debate this all day or I can give you a ride, at least as far as I can drive until I ain’t breathing no more. Then you have my permission to drive as far as you’d like”
Teacher waited a moment considering, he felt he was a pretty good judge of character and what Charlie told him had the ring of truth to it; his hand slid off of his sword.
“I’m going to the city” Teacher remarked calmly.
“Oh?” Charlie perked up mockingly. “And what city are you traveling to?”Charlie asked.
“The first one I find” Teacher said flatly.
“You must have a death wish then, maybe you see that I need company when I die; because no one in their right mind goes to the cities Law rules them!”
“I’m full aware of that” Teacher said. “But only fools or thieves travel on these roads, a quote taken from your tongue yet here you are”
Charlie laughed loudly. “And I indeed have a death wish! I always wanted to drive the forbidden roads, to see the the country side! But I was afraid I’d get killed by thieves of Law search parties. But now, well now I’m no longer afraid because death already accompanies me” he pushed down on the accelerator revving the engine. “So are you coming or not foolish one?”
Teacher laughed feeling lighthearted, the drive would help him reach a city much faster why not? He ran around to the passenger side of the jeep jumping up and into the seat, he looked over at Charlie.
“By the way, where did you find this jeep?” Teacher asked. Charlie nodded his head with a smile.
“I stole it” he said proudly.
“So you’re the thief that travels these roads the one you spoke of”
Charlie nodded again letting out a good laugh before urging the jeep onward down the road.